Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


31. Long time no see

Jewels POV 
"YES OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU HARRY!" I screamed, happy he asked me to marry him. I jumped into his arms and he spun me around. "Hey! What's with all the shouting?!" Niall screamed out of his window. Our houses weren't that far apart. We ran to the window, and stuck our heads out. Harry and I exchanged looks at each other. "Spit it out!" Niall said. "Hey what's happening?" Tay said and stuck her head out the window next to Niall. "Harry and I are getting married!" I shouted. "Eeeeeeeep!" Tay shouted. "I know!!!" I shouted back. "Congrats gurl!!" Tay said. "Thanks!!" I said. "I'm happy for you mate!" Niall shouted to Harry. "Thanks!" Harry smiled. "See ya guys tomorrow!" I said and we exchanged goodbyes and closed the window. "Eeeeeep!" I shouted again and Harry laughed. He picked me again and I wrapped my legs around his body. We leaned in and kissed several times. Harry set me down and I grabbed my phone and took a picture of the wall. I sent it to Tati, Bri, Tay, El, Dani, and Perrie, and said 'Guess who's getting married?! :)' 
El: Awww! Congrats! ;) 
Perrie: Congrats! Happy for you! :)) 
Dani: congrats Jewels! :) 
Tati: Woo Jewelsie! Happy for you! :) 
Bri: Omg! Congrats! :D 
'Thanks!! You guys shall all be at the wedding whenever it will be! Lol'  I replied back to all of them. I got into my comfy pjs, and hoped into bed. Harry joined me a few minutes later. We sunk down in the covers an I could feel Harry's chest slowly going up, and down. I put my hand on his soft cheek, and leaned over and kissed him. "Goodnight Harry." I whispered. "Goodnight love." He replied. "Love you." I whispered. "Love you too." He said an tightened his grip around me. I felt safe. Before I knew it, I slowly fell into a deep sleep. 

I woke up and the sun was shining through the window, the birds were chirping. It was summer. I love summer. I always will. I rolled to my side to find Harry, gone. I got up and walked into the kitchen to find Harry cooking pancakes. I walked up behind him an wrapped my arms around his stomach. "Hey," I said letting it trail off. "Good morning beautiful!" He said cheerfully. "You're happy today!" I giggled. "Oh course I am! I'm getting married to you!" He smiled. I giggled and smiled. "You don't seem as happy as I am." A look of disappointment spread across his face. "No I am! I'm just still a little sleepy!" I said while yawning. Harry smiled again. "Hey I smelled food!" Niall said walking into the kitchen, and Tay trailing behind. "Hey gurll!" I said. "HEEY!" She said. "Come sit!" I said. She sat down in the chair next to me and we had a chat, as did Harry and Niall. "Alright, here come the boys, in 5,4,3,2," Harry got cut off when they all walked in. "Food?" Zayn asked. "Yes Zayn!" Harry smiled. "Hey Jewels!" Louis said in a pretty good mood. "Hey Lou!" I said. "Hey guys!" Liam said as he followed Lou. "Hey Liam!" Tay and I said. "What's El, Dani, and Perrie been up to lately?" I asked. "Oh you know, the usual they do." Lou said. "Yeah, working." Liam said. "Mhmm!" Zayn agreed with his mouth full. Tay and I grabbed some pancakes before the boys ate them all. It was about 11:00am when we were all done eating. I was in a pair of short short sweats, and a slightly oversized shirt. I was about to get dressed when the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it to find Tati and Bri. "Hey guys!" I said an gave them each a hug. "Come on in!" I said. Tay gasped. "TATI! BRI!" She ran to them and gave them a hug. "It feels like I haven't seen you guys in forever!" She said. "I know! Oh the memories!" I said. "Where's the boys?" Tati asked. "In the kitchen. Come on we'll introduce you." I said. "Alright." Bri said. "Hey!! Long time no see!" Harry said to Bri and Tati and gave them each a hug. "You're telling me!" Bri laughed. "Good to see ya again Harry!" Tati smiled. "Or should we say, soon to be brother-in-law!" Bri winked. We all laughed. The boys all came out and each introduced themselves to Bri and Tati. "We're HUGE fans!" Tati and Bri said. "Glad to hear it!" Zayn smiled. "How are you and Ed?" Liam asked. "Oh, we're good! Thanks for asking!" Tati said. "If you don't mind me asking, where is he?" Niall asked. "He had to go to the studio." Tati explained. "Oh, I see." Niall replied. "Well, one of you can have the guest bedroom, and one of you will have to go to Tay's. I only have one extra bedroom." I said. "I'll go to Tays." Tati said. "Okie dokie! Looks like you're stuck with me, Bri." I said and gave her a creeper face. She laughed an picked up her stuff while I showed her the guest room. "So how are you and Harry?" Bri said winking at me. "Bri!" I said laughing and closed to the door. "I'm just teasing you!" Bri laughed. "Well, we're waiting till marriage." I said with confidence. "Good for you!" Bri said with sarcasm. I gave her a playful glare. We both started laughing. We walked back out into the living room where the boys were, and I told Bri to make herself comfortable and I was gonna go change. I was in my room changing when I heard yelling. I threw on my shirt and shorts and ran back to the living room. "Go away!" Bri shouted. I looked to see who it was. Bri's ex.

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