Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


37. Liam, go get her.

Okay so I'm mega pissed because I had this chapter almost done but then it got deleted -.- so now I have to write it over again. So, YOU GUYS BETTER ENJOY THIS. ily anyway. 

~One Week Later~ 
Jewels POV 
Everything is back to normal. Except, Liam and Dani broke up. Dani moved out, but we promised to still keep in touch. Tati and Ed had left a few days ago, but Bri is still here, which I don't mind. The boys have been working hard on their album, so Harry and the lads are gone most of the day. Perrie and El also have their own stuff to do, leaving Tay, Bri and myself. We've just been hanging around. I feel bad for Liam, he's been out of it. He seems so lonely. 

~A Few Hours Later~ 
Harry's POV 
"Jewels?!" I called. 
"In here!" I heard her sweet voice ring throughout the house. 
"What are you doing?" I asked as I walked into the kitchen. 
"Making dinner. I thought you could invite the lads over for dinner, Liam seems kinda lonely, ya know?" She gave me a half smile. 
"Yeah, it would be good for him. I'll text them right now." I said and pulled out my phone. 
"They're coming in an hour, you need some help?" I wrapped my arms around her waist. 
"Yeah, I can always use help!" She giggled. She turned around and smeared something all over my lips. I licked some off and tasted it. Chocolate frosting. 
"Come here, you want a kiss?" I stuck out my lips at her. 
"No!" She started running from me. 
"You know you want a kissy!" I chased after her. 
I finally caught her and turned her to face me. To my surprise she attacked me and pressed her lips all over mine. 
"You know I can't resist chocolate." She smiled. 
"Or you can't resist me." I smirked. 
"You wish." She returned the smirk. 
"It's true." I smiled. 
"Possibly." She giggled. 
We finished making dinner & dessert and the lads and girls showed up. 

Jewels POV 
We sat down for dinner and started eating. 
"How's everyone been?" I asked starting conversation. 
"Good!" Everyone responded but Liam. 
"You hanging in there Liam?" I asked. 
"Yeah I've been fine." He said staring at his plate. 
We all passed each other some disappointed looks. 
We continued our conversation with Liam joining in here and there. 
"There is dessert right?!" Louis shouted. 
"Yes Lou." I laughed. 
"You girls go relax, we'll clean up dinner." Harry smiled. 
"I like this idea." Perrie laughed. 
"Me too!" El said and we all agreed. 
We entered the living room and sat down. 
"Guys something is bugging Liam." El noticed. 
"Yeah, I think it's because he misses Dani." Tay said. 
"Yeah, I just wish we could help him somehow." Perrie said. 
"He needs to move on." El looked worried. 
"Bri! You should go on a date with him! You guys would be cute!" I suggested. Bri blushed. 
"No, no. I don't think he likes me." Bri sighed. 
"He doesn't like anybody, he's stuck on Dani." Tay pointed out. 
"I'll set it up for you Bri!" I exclaimed. 
"Ugh, I guess." Bri replied. 
"Yay! Ill talk to him later!" I said. 
"Dessert! Come get it before Niall eats it all!" Zayn shouted. 
We all ran into the kitchen and sat down. After a few hours of chatting everyone decided it was time to go. I caught Liam before he could leave. 
"Hey Li." I said grabbing his arm. 
"Yeah?" He asked. 
"You should ask Bri out on a date!" I ran the idea past him. 
"Um, I don't know." He scratched his head. 
"Bri really likes you." I smiled. 
"Does she?" Liam blushed. 
"I guess I could ask her." He smiled. 
"That's the spirit!" I smiled. 
"Thanks Jewels." 
"Bye Liam!" I said. 
"Bye Jewels!" He said walking out the door. 

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