Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


32. I want you

Bri's POV 
"Go away!" I shouted at Sam. Sam was my ex. He broke my heart, and apparently he wants me back. Why else would he be here? I want him to leave. I want to hang out with my friends, and not be interrupted by his dumb ass.

Jewels POV 
I opened the door. "Sam! Leave! Bri doesn't want to see you!!" I shouted. "Yes she does! She loves me still! I know it!" He said smirking. "Get off of my lawn you little man whore!" I screamed. The boys all came running out of the kitchen. "Jewels! Who are you screaming at? What's going on?!" Harry asked obviously confused. "It's nothing Harry, I can handle it." I said, trying not to worry him. "Jewels, who's out there?" He asked. "It's Bri's ex! I'll get him to leave!" I said and walked out the door. I stood on our porch, to keep a good distant away from him who was on our lawn. "Bri doesn't want you back! You broke her heart! You CHEATED Sam! That's the kind of person you are!" My anger level was rising. "But-" he started to say but I cut him off. "But nothing. You can't change that fact! Besides, how did you know Bri was here?" I was wondering. "I followed her. Because I want her." He smiled evilly. "Get off of my lawn. NOW. Before I call the cops on you for trespassing." I shouted. "Okay, okay." He said and started walking away slowly.  I turned around to walk back in the house. But I was being pulled away from the door. Sam was pulling me. What was he doing?! Trying to kidnap me?! "If I can have Bri I'll take you!" He said and picked me up. "HARRY!! HARRY!!!" I screamed for him. I tried to squeeze out of his arms, but he was stronger than I was. "JEWELS!" Harry screamed and came running for me. Sam noticed and decided to pick up the pace. Luckily, Harry ran pretty fast, and caught up with him. Sam dropped me, but Harry kept running after him. He tackled Sam on the ground, and began punching him. "NIALL! LOUIS! ZAYN! LIAM!" I screamed. They all came running out the door. Zayn and Louis ran to Harry who was still punching Sam. Niall and Liam ran over to me. "Are you okay?!" Niall asked. Liam practically picked me right back up off my feet. "Thanks Liam. And yeah, I'm fine Niall." I said. Louis and Zayn had gotten Harry to stop. Sam didn't look so good. "Harry!" I ran to him and hugged him. "I-I-I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean to hurt him that bad." Harry explained. "God damn. I forgot you two had a thing." Sam moaned. I chuckled. "You got him pretty good, Harry." Louis said. "How about, we won't call the cops, if you don't press charges." Zayn suggested to Sam. "Yeah, fine, whatever." Sam said and ran to his car down the street. Bri came running out of the house. She ran to the road and stuck her middle finger up. "HAHA BASTARD HARRY BEAT YOUR ASS!" She shouted which made me laugh. Harry and the boys were laughing too. "Jewels! I'm so sorry! This is all my fault I-" Bri tried to explain. "Bri! It's fine! He's gone! Lets go have fun now! Forget this ever happened!" I said. "Sounds good!" Louis skipped his way back to the house. Tati and Tay walked out of Tay's house laughing. When they seen us all out on the lawn they suddenly stopped laughing. "What's going on?" Tati asked. "It's nothing. Don't worry about it!" I said, smiling. "Tell us!" Tay said. "Sam showed up. Jewels tried to get him to leave, but then he tried to take Jewels, Harry beat his ass, he ran away." Bri explained laughing. "Oh! Jewelsie are you ok?" Tay asked. "Yeah, I'm fine! Lets go do something fun!" I said and we all ran back into the house. We all sat down in the living room. "So, guys. When are the girls gonna be back?" I asked. "They should be back around 3." Liam said. "Alright. Well we can introduce you guys when they come back!" I told Bri an Tati. "Okay! I'm excited." Bri said. "They'll like you guys." I said. They smiled. Tati's phone buzzed in her pocket. She pulled it out and said "Ed said he'll be getting out of the studio about 2!" "Yay!" We all cheered.


Harry's POV 
I don't like that Sam guy. He should be leaving the girls alone, now though. Which is good. We have been just hanging out. Waiting for Ed, Perrie, Dani, and El. Niall went out and got some pizza about 12ish. Jewels had put on some music. Her, Tay, and Tati were dancing, while Bri was laughing at them. Jewels was pretty happy. Which made me happy.

Jewels POV 
Tay, and Tati were dancing with me. I was having a blast. Just then, the door opened and El walked through the door dancing with Perrie dancing behind her and Dani dancing behind Perrie. "Hey hey hey!" El said. "HEEEY!" We all shouted at them. I knew Dani was a really good dancer, but she just went along with us, she wasn't trying to show off. "Thanks for giving us a show!" Harry said as him and the boys were all laughing at us. A minute later, the door opened an Ed stuck his head through. "Hellllooooooo!" He said. "Hey!" We all shouted at him. I had never met Ed before, so this was gonna be exciting. I danced my way over to Ed. "Hey! I'm Jewels! The one and only!" I said and gave him a fist pound. "Ah! So this is the famous Jewels!" He laughed. "Sure am!" I said. "Hey Ed! It's good to see ya again!" The boys had all said. "Come sit!" Harry patted the spot next to him. "Hey! I'm Tay!" Tay said and also gave Ed a fist pound. Bri also introduced herself. "Nice to meet you guys! It's about time!" Ed laughed. While us girls were dancing , the guys were talking and catching up. This was going to be fun. Now we can get this party started.

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