Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


11. How stupid of me.

Jewels POV

I totally forgot Ashley was in the locker room. I paused before entering. Well, here goes nothing. I walked into the locker room, and walked all tje way down to my row, which was the second from last. I actually didn't see Ashley, which surprised me. I began changing back into my other clothes. I heard footsteps coming closer, my heart skipped a beat and I through my shirt over my head, and buttoned my jeans. I turned around to see Ashley standing there with her arms crossed. "Get out." She said to me. "You don't own the locker room." I said back. "I thought we had an agreement, I get the locker room you guys get the library." She said. "Thats pretty funny, because, nobody ever said that." I smirked. "Well I am now, get out." She hissed. "You're lucky I don't just smack you right here." My face grew with anger, I clenched my fist. I spryaed on some perfume, brushed my hair a bit, and walked out with my head held high. "Goodbye, bitch." I said when walking out. "Yeah! I'm the bitch?!" "Yup!" I kept on walking. I heard her mumble something else, but I didn't care. I kept walking. I walked over to the boys locker room. I slowly walked in so Harry wouldn't hear me. I walked down the rows until I saw Harry's shadow moving. I peeked over the corner of a locker and saw Harry pulling his shirt over his head. His abs were looking right at me. "Damn!" I shouted. Harry looked up smiling. I walked out from behind the locker. I giggled. "You got some nice abs there Harry." I said to him. "Well thanks!" He smirked at me. I walked over to him and rolled his shirt back up. "Eeeeep!" I shouted at him. He laughed. I rubbed my hands all over his abs. "That's really nicee." I said. Harry giggled. He grabbed my hand and we walked out of the locker room. We walked back into the library and found Becca just waking up. "Hey guys!" She said, stretching. "Hey." Harry and I said in sync. I looked at him and smiled. "Let's go see if the roads are cleared yet!" I said. Harry and I ran to the front of the school and there was finally a snow plow coming into the school parking lot. "Yay!" I said. "Just a little reminder, you're coming home with me!" I said to Harry. He laughed. "Of course! Let me just tell my mum I'll be spending the rest of today with my GIRLFRIEND." He winked at me. "Okay, I'll have to tell my mom that my BOYFRIEND will be coming home with me." I texted my mom.

Me: Hey mom.


Me: The roads are being cleared, I should be home shortly.

Mom: Okay, I'm glad you're safe.

Me: Speaking of safe, would you mind if my boyfriend came with me?

Mom: What?! My baby girl has a boyfriend? And I didn't know?!

Me: It was unexpected mom! But he is the sweetest. He's kept me safe all this time.

Mom: Okay, I can't wait to meet him!

"My mom said she can't wait to meet you!" I told Harry. "Well, I can't wait to meet the woman that gave me you!" He smiled at me. We walked back to the library and told Becca that the roads were being cleared. We told her to go tell Ashley, if I did it, I might just kill her, and I sure as hell wasn't letting Harry tell her either. "Do you need a ride Becca?" I asked her. "Yeah, that would be nice." She said. "Okay, well I can give you a ride home no problem." I said. "Okay thank you!" She said. "Don't mention it." When the roads were finally cleared, and it wasn't snowing, we headed out to our cars. I got into my car, with Becca, and Harry got into his. I started up my engine, and it worked, thank god. I pulled out of the parking lot and dropped Becca off. We left Ashley at the school so her mom could pick her up. Hah. Harry followed me to my house, and I pulled in the driveway, Harry behind me. He got out of his car so quickly and came and opened up my door. "You're such a gentleman!" I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. We walked up my sidewalk and I opened the door. "Hey Jewels! And boyfriend." My mom winked at us.



Hey guys! I hope you're enjoying my story! Keep liking, favoriting, and tell your friends. I was wondering if you guys would be interested in my other fan fiction. It's about a girl and her 3 bestfriends, auditioning for a talent show, and they end up meeting one direction. Interested? It has all the same names and people as in this story, but the story is WAY different. It would have Jewels, Taylor, Tatiana, and Brianna. And of course, One Direction. Anyway, Have an amazayn day! Comment and tell me if you would be interested or if I'm just wasting my time posting it. Okay, thank you my lovelies!

~JuliannaJoyy xx.

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