Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


15. Cheater

Harry's POV 
I slowly approached the living room. Jewels turned her head when she heard me coming. I could feel the smile forming on my face. "Glad to see you're happy!" Jewels smiled at me. "I'm happy to see you!" I jumped on the couch next to her. "What movie did ya put in?" She asked. "It's a surprise!" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Ugh, okay!" She said. I took the remote and pressed play. After a few minutes of previews the movie finally began. "Titanic, Harry?" She smiled and looked at me. "Yes! Don't you like this movie?" I asked. "Yeah! I just expected a different movie." She put her head on my shoulder. "Oh, you don't think a guy would like titanic?" I asked. "Yeah kinda." She smiled. We began watching the movie. 

Jewels POV 
I moved closer to Harry's side throughout the movie. He noticed and smiled at me, and put his arm around me.  We got to the part in the movie where the boat was beginning to flood. I hated that part. "Hey Harry?" I asked. "Yes, love?" "What would you do if you were on the titanic?" I wondered. "Hmm, I'm not sure. I can't even imagine something like that happening. What would you do?" He asked me. "Well, they're really stupid. If I knew the boat was sinking, I would start pulling off doors and other things and make myself a little boat, so I could live." I explained. "That's a really good idea." Harry smiled at me. "Plus, Rose could have moved her fat ass over! They could have both fit onto it no problem!" I was shouting. Harry was laughing at me. "What?" I asked angry. "You're so cute when you're angry." He smiled. I couldn't help but smile a little. "Shut upppp." I rammed my shoulder into Harry's. "Its true. You're cute no matter what you're doing." He said. I blushed. "Harry you're the only boy that has ever treated me like this. Thanks." I said with a smile. "It's hard not to treat you like this! You're so dang adorable!" He said and grabbed my cheeks. "Oh, Harry." I said. Titanic was almost over but I noticed Harry had fallen asleep. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of him sleeping. It was now around 10:00pm. I was in a group message with Tati, Tay and Bri. I sent them the picture of Harry sleeping. In their faces. Haha. 
Picture message; Aww look how cute Harry is when he sleeps.:D 
Tati: Aww Jewelsie! 
Tay: Haha oh Jewels, you and Harry are cuteee gurl. 
Bri: Lol 
Tati: Does he have any hot friends?! 
Me: Haha Tot, I'll ask him for you if I remember! 
Tati: Haha k gurl. 
Tay: So whatcha guys doing? 
Me: I'm spending the night at Harry's<3 
Bri: You are?! 
Me: Yeah, ikr. 
Tay: Your guys' parents let you?
Me: Yeah, Harry convinced my parents and his mum was fine with it. 
Tati: Dang Jewels, your lucky!
Me: Haha yeah. What are you guys doing? 
Tay: Babysitting my little bro and sis. 
Tati: Always a fun time! 
Tay: Haha 
Me: Did Bri die again? 
Bri: Lol sorry I'm here. 
Me: Oh lol
Tay: Yeah, I'll talk to ya guys laterr. I gtg. 
Tati: Alright byeeee! 
Me: Bye gurl!
Bri: Bye Tay we'll miss you!
Tay: Byeee guys! 
Me: Yeah I think I'm gonna go to! 
Tati: Aww, ok byee Jewelsie. 
Bri: Byeee i'll miss you! 
Me: Haha I'll miss you too! Byee!
Tati & Bri: Byeee! 
I set my phone down on the coffee table. When Harry's lit up with a new text message. I heard Harry shift, waking up. I picked up his phone, and read the text. (This is a made up phone number)
From (111)234-5678: Hey baby I miss you:) 
My heart felt like it broke into a million pieces. I was crushed. I felt hot tears stream down my face. "Jewels? What's wrong? Why are you crying?!" Harry asked. "Oh, like you don't know!" I got up and backed away from him slowly. "I don't!" Harry asked confused. "Look at your phone Harry!" I shouted. He picked up his phone and began to read the message. "How could you, Harry?" 

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