Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


17. Back to school.

Jewels POV 
When we had finished eating, Harry and I helped clean up. "Ughhh I don't wanna go to school!" I moaned to Harry. "Neither do I, love. But now we'll see each other at school!" Harry winked at me. "Good point!" I smiled. "So, when is your x-factor audition?" I ask. "In about 3 weeks." He replied. "I hope you make it all the way baby." I said to him. He turned to me with a smile on his face. "Thanks, love." He said picking me and spinning me around. "I'll be right back!" I said grabbing my bag and running into his bathroom. I pulled on my light blue faded skinny jeans with a few rips in them, and my black sparkly top, that had an attached vest to it that was also black, and put on my white high top converse. I plugged in my hair straightener and turned it on while I quickly brushed my teeth. I put away my tooth brush and grabbed my hair straightener and began straightening my light brown and brown hair. Sounds weird, but I dyed my hair a dark golden blonde during the summer, and I'm letting it grow out into my natural light brown color, so my roots are about half way down my head. Anyway, once my hair was straight I pulled it out of the wall and put it back in its traveling case that came with it. I pulled out my eye liner stick an put a thin line on the lower part of my eye, and applied a thin layer of mascara. I put it all back in my bag and walked out of the bathroom and set my bag by their front door. I walked into the living room where Harry was sitting on the couch watching tv. I tried to tiptoe into there but there was a creak in the floorboard. Damn it. I thought to myself. I saw Harry turn his head and I jumped behind the wall. I peeked around the corner when I saw Harry was gone. All of the sudden I felt 2 hands grab my waist and turn me around. "I saw you!" Harry smiled. "Damn it." I said. He pulled me in closer and I wrapped my arms around his back and set my head on his chest. "Did I tell you that you look beautiful today?" Harry said. "You're too nice." I said squeezing him. He giggled. "Let's go do something!" I said. "Like what?" Harry asked. "I don't know! Lets go on an adventure!" I said. Harry laughed. "Alright, alright. I'll go get ready!" Harry said, pulling alway from me. "Okay." I said with a smile. I walked into the living room and picked up my phone. 34 messages. "Ughh!" I said out loud. I unlocked my phone and read the messages. Just the girls talking on group message. 
Bri: I bet Jewels and Harry are in the back room. 
Tati: Haha Bri! 
Me: Bri! Ohmygosh! Nope, just cuddling! :P 
Bri: Hahaha! Keepin it PG I see!
Me: Yuppp.
Tati: Lol
Tay: Good Jewels! Lol
Me: Haha, Harry and I are going to go on an adventure! 
Tay: To where? 
Me: I don't even know. We're just gonna get in the car and we're just gonna go. 
Tati: Lol 
Bri: Sounds fun! 
Tay: Haha yah, have fun gurl!
Me: Thanks! Byee guys! 
About 5 minutes later, Harry walked out in a black hoodie and dark jeans, with the same white high top converse. "Hey we match!" I said holding up my foot. 
"I noticed!" He smiled. "Ready?" He asked. "Sure am!" I said and got up and ran towards him. We walked out the door and got in Harry's car. "Where we going?" I asked. "I have a place in mind." Harry said and smiled. We drove for about 10 minutes until Harry pulled into hidden parking lot. We got out and I looked around. "Follow me!" He said and grabbed my hand. We walked into the woods and followed a trail until we were looking out over everything. The view was amazing. It all looked so tiny. The houses, cars, everything. "Harry! This view is awesome!" I said in amazement. "Isn't it?" Harry smiled. We sat down and just stared at everything. Before I knew it, it was 3:30pm. "Ohmygosh! Harry we better get back!" I said. "Oh, you're right. I wish I could just stay here forever, with you." He said. "Me too Harry." I said and smiled at him. "But we can't. We have to go live our lives together!" I said pulling him up. He smiled and got up. We walked back to the car and Harry drove me back to my house. "I'll see you tomorrow at school then." I said. "Yeah." Harry said, he looked  sad. "Well, I love you." I said. He looked up and smiled. We both leaned in and kissed. "I love you too." He said. I smiled and walked up to my front door. I opened the door, but before I walked in, I looked back at Harry. He was getting ready to back out. I waved and blew a kiss at him. He pulled it to his heart. I smiled and walked in. "How was it, honey?" My mum asked. "It was fun, mum. His mum was really nice, I think you guys will get along." I said. "Well I'm glad to hear that!" She said with a smile. I walked down the hallway and into my room. I threw my bag next to my bed and laid down. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and stared at the picture I took of Harry while he was sleeping. I smiled and held it to my chest, when I heard it go off. 
Harry<3: I miss you already! :( 
Me: I miss you too! D; 
Harry<3: I can't wait for school tomorrow! ;) 
Me: Me either. :D 
"Jewels! Time for dinner!" I heard my mum yell. I looked at the clock. It was already 5:30pm. 
Harry<3: I'll be right back. Mums calling me for dinner. 
Me: Same thing here! Be right back. :) 
Harry<3: Haha, okay. :) 
I went and ate dinner an came back in my room. I spent the rest of the night talking to Harry and my friends. I looked at the clock to see it was already 8:00pm. I got in my pajamas and drifted to sleep. 
Harry's POV 
I walked into school and found Jewels talking with her friends. Her back was towards me so I decided to sneak up behind her. Her friends saw me coming slowly and tried to hold back their laughs, Jewels was about to turn around when I grabbed her and picked her up. She began laughing. "Harry!" She said. "I missed you!" I said.  "I missed you too." She smiled. We still had about 10 minutes before the bell rang. I stood there with my arms wrapped around Jewels, joining the conversation with her and her friends. "Hey Harry." My friends Haydn, Nick, and Will walked over to me. "Hey guys!" I said. "Got yourself a girl mate?" Haydn asked. "Sure do." I smiled.
"Jewels," I whispered into her ear. "Hang on a minute guys," she said. "What's up?" She said and turned around to face me and the guys. "These are my friends," I began. "Oh, Hey Haydn, Nick, Will." She said with a smile and fist bumped them all. "Sup Jewels?" Nick said. She smiled "Nothing really. You guys?" She said. "Eh, same." Will said. "Alright I'll be over with my friends, you can stay and chat with your friends if you want." Jewels whispered in my ear and gave me a kiss on the cheek and returned to her friends. "You guys know Jewels?" I asked. "Yeah, ya know. Just see her around school." Haydn said. "How long have you guys been going on?" Will asked. "Since a couple days ago." I said. "Oh, nice choice Harry." Nick said. "Thanks. I'll catch up with you guys later." I said. "Alright see ya Harry." They all said walking away. I returned to Jewels and her friends when the bell rang. "See ya later, I love you." I said to Jewels as we were walking to our first hour. "I love you too." She said and gave her a kiss. "Hey, better watch it." One of the teachers said. Jewels and I rolled our eyes and walked to our first hour. 

Did you guys hear? I guess Zayn and Perrie are getting married? I don't even know. Is this a rumor? Anyway, YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY AWESOME. Thank you so much for getting me to 80 favourites! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your guys' comments! Thank you for all the support!! Share with your friends! And keep being awesome! Have a fabulouis day! 
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