Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


39. A perfect night

Bri's POV 
After we had finished picking out all my accessories, ad my dress on, I spun around in front of the mirror. 
"You look gorgeous Bri!" Jewels squealed. 
"Thanks." I smiled. 
"Liam is gonna be so stunned." El exclaimed. 
"C'mon Bri don't wanna be late for your date!" Perrie herded us out the door. 
"Have a good time Bri. You look awesome." Tay smiled. 
The guys all walked in through the front door. Liam was dressed in very nice clothing. Not a suit or tux, because that would be a little too fancy, but very appropriate attire. He looked so handsome. 

Liam's POV 
When I first saw Bri, she looked so beautiful. She had on a casual dark blue dress with a light brown belt, her hair was slightly curled, and she didn't have to much makeup on. She looked perfect. 
"Ready to go?" I approached her and took her hand. 
"Yup." She smiled. 
"Bye!" We both said as we made our way to the door, leaving them behind us. 
"Bye!! Have a great time!" They all called back. 
I had a limo waiting for us outside the house, I didn't wanna be too fancy, but Bri deserves to be treated like a princess. 

Jewels POV
"Guys! I'm so happy for them!" I broke the silence. 
"I know!" Tay and I shook each others shoulders. 
"They really do make a nice couple." Zayn giggled. 
"Yeah." We all agreed. 
"So what do we do now?" Niall asked. 
"We could use Liam's theatre." Louis smiled evilly. 
"How are we going to get in there?" Perrie asked, amused. 
"I have an extra key to his house don't worry." Louis smiled. 
"I don't think he would mind, but we have to clean up when we're done. Agreed?" I asked. 
"Agreed." They all nodded. 
"Alright then! Lets go!" Harry approached the door, us following behind. 

Bri's POV 
We arrived at a very fancy looking restaurant. Liam stepped out of the limo and grabbed my hand as I stepped out. 
"Liam, you didn't have to do all this for me." I blushed. 
"I wanted to. You deserve it." Liam smiled. 
I couldn't help but to embrace him in a hug. He wrapped his arms around me, and I could feel his breath on my neck. 
"Shall we go in?" He looked at me. 
"We shall." I said and put his hand in mine. 
When we had finished our dinner, we got back in the limo. Liam whispered something to the driver before sitting down next to me. 
"What did you tell him?" I asked. 
"You'll see. It's a surprise." He smiled. 
I gave up and rested my head on Liam's shoulder, and waited until we arrived at this mystery destination. 

The limo came to a stop and we got out. It took me a few minutes to realize where we were. We had a view over the whole city. It was amazing. 
"Liam, this is beautiful." I said in amazement. 
"Just like you." He tapped my nose. I blushed. 
We sat down on a bench and took in the view. I rested my head once again on Liam's shoulder. 
"I wonder what they're doing." I said my mind wandering. 
"Yeah, me too." Liam agreed. 

Harry's POV 
We had agreed on watching 'The Internship' since none of us had ever seen it. We all picked seats in Liam's mini theatre and cuddled up together. Waiting for the two new love birds to get back from their date. 

Liam's POV 
After awhile we got back in the limo and headed back home. 
"Thanks for an amazing night Liam." Bri smiled up at me. 
"No, thank you for coming with me." I stroked her arm. I could see her blushing and she looked down. 
We pulled up outside of Niall & Tay's house. I got out and opened the door for Bri. 
"Go inside and change and you can come back to my house. Ill wait for you." I smiled. 
"Alright." She opened the door and waved her hand for me to follow. I told the limo driver we didn't need his services any longer, and I followed Bri inside as the limo drove away. 
I sat down on the couch. 
"I'll just be a minute." Bri said and walked down the hall. 
Come to think of it, Tay and Niall aren't here, and the rest of their houses didn't have lights on. That's when it hit me. They're probably using the theatre. Louis. He has an extra key. Well, we can go join them.  
A couple minutes later Bri walked out in some sweats, looking comfortable. 
"Ready?" I asked her. 
"Yeah." She smiled and I took her hand. 
We walked over to my house and made sure to be very quiet. I told Bri that they were probably here when we were walking. 
I hurried to my room and switched into some sweats, and we made out way down to the theatre. We walked in and everybody's heads turned to look at us. 
"Hey you're back!" They all shouted. 
"Yeah. I figured you were here so we're gonna join you guys." I chuckled. 
They laughed. 
"We're watching 'The Internship'" El informed us. 
"Alright." I responded and we sat down. 
"Did you guys have fun?" Jewels asked excited. 
"Yeah it was great." We both said in sync. 
"Aww that's nice." Jewels smiled. 
"Okay. Now everybody relax and enjoy the movie." Tay smiled. 
We all agreed, and began watching the movie with them. 
This night was perfect. 

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