nobody copares

angelina scott is a beautiful girl who doesnt know it. all her life shes been ganged up on by jealous haters. of course she didnt know this and began to doubt herself.has she found the right guuto show her that or will her insecurites get the best of her!


3. The one

Your pov:I was touching up my lipgloss when a heard a knock on the door.I raced to it and found Eleanor and louis."Are you ready?" louis asked. i nodded and quickly ran to the van. If my dad knew,hed ask all these questions which really bothered me.
Harrys pov:Im pretty sure the girl hasnt noticed me but niall and i certainly noticed her in her pink mini skirt andblack cami.Her eyes were like no other and her hair flew as the wind blew it. Finally she saw us and gave alttle wave.She was sitting alone and thatgave me a chance. I quickly moved next to her.Her eyes shined like pure diamonds.she shook as i sat next to her and i could feel her curiousity."Im harry,what is your lovely name?" "angelina,but you could call me angel"your pov:is this the reason louis invited me?to hook up with his friend.i mean hes cute,really cute,but its too sudden.come to think of it,the invite was sudden.I studderly told him,"H-harry, I was wondering if you want to take it slow and start as friends.i never had a boyfriend and the thought frightens me," sure,love",he said disapointedly.Trying to change the subject we switched numbers.Finally we arrived.Out of nowhere I ran out.I could here harry calling me, but i kept going.Louis had set me up,and i felt to nervous to com front him.When i looked back for just a moment i saw him:
"hims"pov:I was walking with my girlfriend to my friends when i bumped into something that caught my eye.Her eyes were marvelous and she looked like an angel,that is if angels had long wavy black hair.for a second we looked in each others eyes and i felt something i never felt:perfection
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