nobody copares

angelina scott is a beautiful girl who doesnt know it. all her life shes been ganged up on by jealous haters. of course she didnt know this and began to doubt herself.has she found the right guuto show her that or will her insecurites get the best of her!


6. The bloody kiss

I kicked her and turned the lights on.Hust as I thought.It was Perrie.I had no time to waste.I ran to Zayn .My dad is a doctor so I knew what to do.Danielle grabbed perrie,took her gun,threw it on the floor,and led her outside where she would wait for the cops with perrie.
Me: Ed give me a first aid kit
He went running and found a big one that couldve heljd a hospital
I got the tweezers,and removed the bullet carefully.The rest I would have to leave to the professionals.I bandaged his chest and was so grateful he was still breathing.The bullet just missed the heart,and he was going to make it.
He was knocked out,but woke up when the hospital vans arrived.He took my hand and told me something I would never forget.
Zayn:I love you;stay with me.
I began to cry.
Me:I love you too,and I promise I'll be right next to you.

The moment was ruined when the hospital came. They put Zayn in the van and I went in with him.
Nurse: Is this your boyfriend?
Me :Yes it is!
I went to him and we kissed.My hands were full of his blood and were on his face.He had a little cut on his lips so I felt blood on my lips.This went on for a few seconds untill the nurse had to help him out. She put a small band aid on his perfect lips and wiped the blood off his face. She then turned to me and gave me a cloth to wipe the blood of my face and hands,but instead I started wiping the remaining blood off his face.
Nurse:Ma'am you need ti wipe the blood off your face and hands.You could get aids.
Zayn:Just do it ,love.
I did as told and finished when the van arrived.
They rushed him out and I followed.Dodging out news people. I saw the lady my dad and I always watch and could tell I was busted. She ran to me but I ignored her running after zayn.The camera was on and pointed to me.I had finally lost her in the hospital and began to follow him again.They rushed him to the emergency room and I couldnt enter.I felt a little better when I saw the doctor.
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