nobody copares

angelina scott is a beautiful girl who doesnt know it. all her life shes been ganged up on by jealous haters. of course she didnt know this and began to doubt herself.has she found the right guuto show her that or will her insecurites get the best of her!


4. his name

"Hello?", Perrie said." Arent we supposed to meet louis and the others?" I could tell she was jealous so I sadly replied,"yes,love"
your pov:ugh!he has a gf! Wait Im not letting him leave."wait!"said."Im with louis".I said"I met him when he was picking up his a student teacher in phoboe and daisys class.
perries pov:i didnt believe her! but zayn did. he stupidly answered,"you can come with us." I couldve swirn zayn knew when someone was lying.
zayns pov:i could tell perrie didnt buy her,but i did.Her eyes are if honesty,and have never lied in her we walked back,harry raced up to us .for a second i thought he was greeting us,but really his eyes were on her."Angelina,what happened?"So her name was Angelina.Which has Angel in it. I then looked perries expression;she was shocked."I eas a little nervous;id never been to party before." "you havent done alot of things,huh?" "Well what fo you expect from an ugly girl?" Right then i knew she needed was a sign,but what about perrie?Out of nowhere i told her"Im zayn" For I knew she needed me.
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