nobody copares

angelina scott is a beautiful girl who doesnt know it. all her life shes been ganged up on by jealous haters. of course she didnt know this and began to doubt herself.has she found the right guuto show her that or will her insecurites get the best of her!


7. Dad?

      It was my father. I forgot that today was his night shift. He spotted me quickly, and looked furious at me. I shouldve told my him I was going to a party. I sat down on a chair outside the door and began to cry. ****an hour later**** Dad: You can come in now, sweetheart.I walked in to see Zayn in his bed. He was sitting right side up,and was going to be okay. Dad left us alone and I held Zayn's hand tightly. "So that's your dad? I was hoping to have a better first impression." Zayn said to me in a low voice. I chuckled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I looked at the clock abd saw that it was 2:00 in the morning. I had to go. I waited untill my dad came back to leave. He promised to take care of Zayn, and that he woukd be okay. I called a cab, drove home, and went to bed. *morning* I woke up excited. I put on a tanktop with the union jack flag, red skinnies, black converse, and a blue letterman jacket. I skipped breakfeadt abd headed to the school. When I arrived, I spotted Louis, who was dropping off the girls and Eleanor. I walked towards them . Together we Phoebe, Daisy, Eleanor and I walked to class. Turns out El is the aid for the same class Im observing.When we entered we saw the worst thing possible; Perrie

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