nobody copares

angelina scott is a beautiful girl who doesnt know it. all her life shes been ganged up on by jealous haters. of course she didnt know this and began to doubt herself.has she found the right guuto show her that or will her insecurites get the best of her!


5. C'mon C'mon

Your Pov:Zayn! Omn I love that name.
Me: Its really nice to meet you Zayn; Im Angelina,but you can call me whatever you want
Zayn: Hello,anything I want; well youre everything I want!
I glanced at perrie.She was furious so I saved it
Zayn(continue): ...In a friend.

This was really pissing off Perrie.Her delicate skin that looked like snowflakes gracious falling down,turned red like santas nose.The weird part was that she was red everywhere but her nose
Finally, Liam and Danielle arrived
Liam: Hello,love! Whats your name
Zayn:Its whatever I want to call her!
Omg!That came out the wrong way!Now I look like an idiot.But I didnt because she saved me.
Angel: He was just joking! I told him he could call me whatever he wanted. My name is Angelina, but alot of people call me Angel.

Your Pov: Aw! Zayn is getting nervous. We got in line and were quickly let in.
Me:Whos party is this
Zayn: Ed Sheeran's
Me: Omg! I love him!
Zayn: Want me to introduce you?
Me: Yes Please!
Perrie: I'll go with

Dani's Pov: I could tell Perrie was dying to tell Angel off, but I wint let her.
Me:No Perrie! Come with me! I can't find Liam.
This was true!He told me that he would brb but he hasnt yet.Hes never done this and Im worried.

Your Pov: Zayn took my hand and led me through the crowd th Ed. He quick to greet us.
Ed: Zayn! How are you?
Zayn:Im great! This is Angelina
I shook Ed's hand and he gave me a kiss.
I blushed.That was the closet thing I had to a first kiss.And it was more of those greeting type of kiss.
Ed:Nice to meet you Angelina. Wow! You look stunning!
I was really shaking! He's my favorite singer ever!
Me:Thank you! Im a huge fan of your music.I love the A Team!
Ed: Thats my favorite song!
Suddenly I noticed Zayn was gone.I was grabbed and Ed ran after me. I was silent because I didnt want the person to shoot me. All I could see was a silver gun.Out of nowhere I heard a gunshot. The lights were out,but I knew who was shot.
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