Lost In Paradise

Kayla Green did not expect to have a field trip to the Caribbean to go wrong. She didn't expect to go overboard and end up being missing. What she really didn't like about the whole thing, is being trapped in a deserted island with someone she really hates. Harry Styles, the flirt of the whole school. They've been enemies for the whole school year. What happens when they have to work together to finally get off the island?


2. Offboard (Ch. 1)

I flashed a smile over to my friend as she started walking over to me. She wrapped her arms around me tightly and I did the same to her. We both almost fell over because the boat we were on was rocking crazily because of the waves it was hitting, Hopefully it'll go smoother later. 

"I'm so excited!" squealed Ashley, my best friend. Her long brown hair was flying in the wind and it accidentally hit someone's face. 

"Excuse me?" a deep voice bellowed. Me and Ashley turned around. "Can you get your fucking hair out of my face?"

Harry Styles. God, he annoyed me sometimes. Who am I kidding? He annoyed me every time. He always insults me and my friends and is just plain annoying. It's like he hates our guts. Good thing I hate his. 

"How about you keep your fucking face out of my fucking hair, okay?"  Ashley snapped back. She was smirking like sly bitch. Typical Ashley.

Harry scoffs and turns to me. "What's up, Kayla? Still see you're rocking that mustache," he teased.

I touched the area above my upper lip and felt the tiny hairs. I sighed and suddenly felt self-conscious. He always teases me and it makes me feel really upset. "Shut up, Styles. Still see you're rocking that beer belly, or whatever that thing is."

Harry's smirk changed into frown, indicating that probably hurt him. I felt bad for saying mean stuff about him, but he was so annoying, sometimes I didn't even care. 

"Whatever," Harry whispered in an upset tone, making me feel even more upset.

Later, we all were drinking some wine or beer and eating some of those small sandwiches. The boat was moving crazily once again but even worse. Me, feeling tipsy, decided to stand near the side of the boat. Everything I saw was blurry. All of a sudden, I felt my feet being lifted off the boat and I was being slammed inside of the ocean. I tried screaming but I was inside the water so I just swallowed water. I went up to the top of the ocean, coughing like crazy. All I saw was my friends on top of the boat screaming my name and asking for help. Then I heard something else. It was the sound of someone jumping inside the water. I looked around and saw Harry swimming toward me. But I blacked out after that.

Now I don't even know what happened before I ended up laying upon a beach on an abandoned island with Harry Styles laying next to me. 

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