Lost In Paradise

Kayla Green did not expect to have a field trip to the Caribbean to go wrong. She didn't expect to go overboard and end up being missing. What she really didn't like about the whole thing, is being trapped in a deserted island with someone she really hates. Harry Styles, the flirt of the whole school. They've been enemies for the whole school year. What happens when they have to work together to finally get off the island?


1. Prologue

"H," I mumbled as I carved the letter into the sand. "E." "L." P." I took a step back to look at the word. I smiled at the way it looked and wiped my forehead. "Harry, where are you?" I shouted out into the island. 

"Just getting some food," I heard him shout back. I nod my head and go back to carving the rest of the words. 

"Us," I wrote before making an exclamation point afterwards. Hope it's big enough for the helicopters to see. We've been here for a week, I think. I'm exhausted and I miss home. Being with Harry has been a nightmare. All those times he tried to make moves on me, all those times we fought about stupid things, and the moment I saw him as I opened my eyes. Worst week ever.

"Kayla, look!" I heard Harry shout. I looked up and ran to him quickly. When I got to him, he was pointing up in the sky. "Looks like we're heading home." he told me with a smile on his face.

I looked up and saw a giant helicopter flying in the sky high above us. A smile appeared on my face as I realized that we might be heading home in a few minutes. "Home," I whispered. 

This whole week without home has been the worst. I got hit overboard while on a boat tour around the Caribbean. It was a whole field trip thing we had to go to for seeing the sights and writing a essay about what we saw. When I got hit overboard, the only thing I heard was my friends shouting my name and calling for help. Then I heard water hit my ears, making that weird noise that you get when water hits it. Then I woke up with a wet Harry staring down at me. It was the worst moment ever. I thought it was one of those dreams where he fell off a cliff in the end, but I was wrong.

I was stranded on a deserted island with my enemy.

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