Making Memories

Christina and Megan always thought that going to a One Direction concert would be awful. Too loud, too crazy, and too.... Ugh. Christina is a singer and so is Megan. They both enjoy singing..... But not in front off people. Their whole lives change at this concert. They never thought that this would happen to them.


1. Directioners? I think not.

Megan's POV:
Hi. I am Megan. I am 16 an I am a singer. I have a best friend named Christina. We both were invited to go to One Direction concert. The problem is... We do not like them. They are awful singers and they are too full of themselves. So tonight is the concert..... " MEGAN! I am coming up!" I hear from downstairs. "Must be Christina." I think. "Come on in!" I yell. I turn around and see Christina come barging in with two bags in her hands. "What are those?" I ask. "Stuff for tonight." She responds. "Show me." She dumps the contents of the bags onto my unmade bed. There are tshirts, shoes, shorts, suspenders, and some jewlery. "Wow." I say. "Now we will look like REAL directioners. Nice...." I finish off my sentence. "Okay. Concerts in an hour. Lets get dressed and leave." Christina says. We both change into our outfits. I am wearing an "I love Niall" shirt, green shorts, and orange Toms. Christina is wearing an "I love Harry" shirt, orange shorts, and pink Toms. We both put on some hoop earrings and head out the door.

Christina's POV:
Hello! I am Christina. I am 15 and I love to sing. I have a best friend named Megan. We both some how got tickets to a One Direction concert. We are not what you would call "fans" of them. So, I am going to the 1D World store here in NYC. I grab two shirts, two pairs of shorts, and two pairs of Toms. I run across the street to Megan's apartment. "I am coming up!" I yell when I get in. I run up the stairs and into Megan's room. "Whats in the bags?" She asks. I dump the contents of the bags onto the bed and we get dressed for the concert tonight. We both run out of the door and hop into her silver Corvette Convertable. We arrive at Madison Square Garden just in time. We wait in line and make it in to the arena. We take our front row seats and wait for the opening act to come out.
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