See Through Me

Justin and Selena hate each other. What will happen when Justin's sister, Jasmine foreces both of them on vaciton with her?


2. The pest inters the house.....

                      *chapter1*            *Justin's pov*

     "Justn, Selena is coming over." Jasmine said. "Okay..." I said a little annoyed.        *Selena knocks o the door* 

    "Aye, Jasmine, the li pest is here.You better go get the door." i said.

    For some reason I have never liked selena, okay, I dont like an of my sisters friends excep, Emily. She is so damn flawles! Selena and Emily don't like each other Like they basically hate each other. Me and Emily have been friends since kindergarden. Then herand my sister became friends. Me and Emily hang out all most every weekend. When she is round I always eel butterflies. I'm pretty sure she likes me too, becuse she is alwayssmilig when she is aound me.

                                    *Selena's pov*

    Jasmine came to he door. Thank God her annoying ass brother didn't answere. She always jokes about us having a secret crush on eac other....we hate each other....sothat wil NEVER happed!

   I do have to say his eyes are beautifiul.  "Hey selly. Jasmine said, as we both sat on the couch. "Hey, Jas, guess what?"

   "Aww you like my brother?" she said as she laughed. I shot her a look letting her know her 'joke' wasn't funny."Yea, nno. Logan asked me on ou fist date." i said, as wwe both squealed in excitment.

   "OMG! Detailsnow!!"    "Okay, so yesterday he texted me and asked if i could go over for a hor. I went over and, and as i opened the door, he hd a red rose and asked if i wanted to go n our first date."  I said thnking of logan.

                                           *JUSTIN'S POV*

   I ran my fingers through ny hair onw more time.I texted Emily, i asked her if she wantedto go to the park.              *PHONE BUZZES*

      "sure j can u pick me up? my parents grounded me :/"  "n.. b there n 20" i said tuning my phone off. I walked dwnstairs. I looked at selena, we both gave each other dirty loooks I was bout to say something, when Jasmine said , "don't say it justin!"  "whatever I'm going to th park with Emily."  "you still like her?"  "yeah, and you care because why?"  "I don't, she is just a.." *CUTS HER OFF*"Say it and i'll hurt your ugly ass." I sid annoyed. "I'm oin to get my phone." jasmine said aving the room, "I mat be ugly...but atleast i can get a boyfriend" Selena said.  "Well h mus be blind." I said walking out the door. *at emilys house*

   I pulled into her driveway as I made my way to the door she ansered, ad I saw pure perfection.  " really like you." *CUTS JUSTIN OFF*

 "Listen. i need totalk to you." she said.

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