See Through Me

Justin and Selena hate each other. What will happen when Justin's sister, Jasmine foreces both of them on vaciton with her?



                                                                          PROLOGUE    *JUSTIN'S POV*

     Hi, I'm Justin Bieber. I'm turnung 18 on March 1st.

          "Jusin go to your fu...just go to your room!" my mom yelled. She slapped me, but I'm used to it because sometimes she will abuse me and my sster, Jasmine.She is a year older than me, but when my mom gets abusive i ALWAYS protect her no matter what. I mean she is a girl, and she is my sister, what else am i suposed to do? I really do love my sister, so i would take the pain for her. But sometimes she can be a real pain in the ass, but that's just how brother and sister are.

                                                                              *Selena's pov*

    Hi I'm Selena Gomez. I'm 18 years old. My bestfriend is Jasmine, and my crush is Logan.

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