Yours and only yours

This is Ellie's story, her life. She was always treated like an outsider especially by him until she meets Louis Tomlinson who treats her like no one ever did before, makes her feel important .


12. Those Feelings

"Oh Louis!" I hugged him "this is just terrible!" "What is Ellie?" "I.. I can't tell you." "You can tell me anything!" " I can't tell you this Louis " "please tell me" " I took this test-" "your pregnant!!???" " what?! No!!!" "Oh" " I took this test... I'm in love with you-" " I know that love!" "No, I'm in love with you and...and Harry" "what?!" "Don't worry I'm not leaving there just feelings" "so your saying I could lose you... to Harry?" "No baby!" "I'm not sure.." "Positive" "...another test" "no more" "yes more. You stay with Harry for a week or two then, you tell me who you want" "I'll miss you boobear" "I'll miss you to love" we gave each other the best kiss we could ever give " bye" "bye love" I went to hazza's room "hey Harry" "so you do love me" "yeah yeah. Listen, I told Louis and we have a new test, I stay with you for two weeks and see who I love the most" "so I have you for two weeks?!" "Yes" he started to smile and hugged me "thank you" "aww your welcome" "so I have a girlfriend for two weeks?" "Yep" his smile grew bigger and he kissed me passionately and I... Liked it . What am I saying?! I'm Louis's lo- oh yeah that's right I'm Harry's girl for two weeks . Better make the best of it. I yawned I checked the time 12:56 " I'm tired" "me too darling lets get some shut eye" "ok" he got naked "umm" "oh sorry this the way I sleep" "fine but don't -" "I know" he grabbed my hand and lead me to the bed."good night" "night darling" he pulled me close to his body. Note to my self: Harry likes to cuddle. I wake up to soft kisses on my lips, I guess that's how he wakes up his girlfriend. "Morning love" "morning hazza"
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