Yours and only yours

This is Ellie's story, her life. She was always treated like an outsider especially by him until she meets Louis Tomlinson who treats her like no one ever did before, makes her feel important .


16. The video

I saw Zayn walk to Harry who was the living room I sit on the couch next to Harry "what are you doing?" "Oh, nothing!" "Let me see!" He hid his phone "no Ellie!" I was able to see he was on twitter, so I went on my twitter and I thought I had a heart attack! "Louis!!" "Yeah love?" "Look!" I should the video... The video from last night... "I thought you deleted that!" "Turns out the lads all recorded it not just Liam!" "Lads get in here!" No one came " please Louis let the master handle this" I jumped off the couch "HARRY ZAYN LIAM NIALL GET YOUR HARRY BUTTS IN HERE BEFORE I KICK THEM IN HERE!!!!" I then see them run in here , Louis touched my arm" you need to teach me how to do that" "how dare you share that video!!??" "Oh come on, it was funny!" Niall said "no it wasn't Niall! It was embarrassing!" "But-" "no buts Harry! Now the world will see me and Louis's naked bodies!" In like 5 seconds later we had 100 messages-the least! Stuff like-
'Ugh, what would I give to be there with Louis?!'
'I know her she's Ellie from my old school!
'Look at Louis' balls!"

"See?!!" "We're sorry..." "Why would you even do this to us?!!" I started crying and Louis put me in his lap and held me close "it's ok love.... At least the world will know how sexy we are!" I had to laugh a little bit. "Ellie were sorry, really sorry" "please forgive us" then they all gave me a giant hug but I still didn't budge "I know lets watch some tv!" When Harry turned in the tv guess what's on the news!!?? The video. The news woman started talking " this was a video Harry shared on twitter showing band member Louis Tomlinson and his old school mate getting VERY close. Did they know about this? Is it joke? What ever it was 10 minutes after tweeting it already has more than a thousand retweets and direct messages and replies about this video." I shut the tv off and buried my head into louis's chest and continue crying. "Way to go" Louis said to the lads. Harry deleted a video and the boys all had to tweet over and over again how sorry they were. That was just cruel what they did. "I know how to make you better" Louis said and gave me a long passionate kiss. "Yeah I guess I do feel better" I held on to his neck and wrapped my legs around him and he carried me to the room while kissing me the whole way. " I feel much better" "I know you do love"
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