Yours and only yours

This is Ellie's story, her life. She was always treated like an outsider especially by him until she meets Louis Tomlinson who treats her like no one ever did before, makes her feel important .


6. The Memories

"Wake up Ellie" "huh?" "Guess where we are?" "London!?" "Yep" I hugged him"we made it!" I kissed his lips. "Get room!" "Honey remember when we would...." "Eewww" "teenagers...." "Aww" I didn't care about people's comments I was soo happy. "Kevin I'm coming!" "Ha, who's Kevin?" "My pigeon" I started laughing. When we got off the plane we got a rental car and drove to our new apartment. "Louis this is amazing." "I know.. I feel like I known forever!" "Yeah, when I was young, I had a friend who lived here he was funny and cute I had a kid crush in him" "weird I had a friend like that too except it was a girl and I called her my bunny because of my love for carrots " " I remember he game this doll but after a while.. I Started missing him so I gave it to Bonnie" "wait was it a bunny?!" "Yes!" "Did it have a carrot?!" "Yes look!" I showed him the doll. " oh my god your bunny!" " we did know each other forever!" " wait.... I was there I remember! I remember seeing your father kill your mother" "oh Louis... I missed you so much" "me too" I started to kiss him and he put his hands into my shirt. Under kiss from heaven. "I will never lose you again love" " I won't either boo bear" =a few months later= Louis went on to the X factor I'm so proud of him he would call me everyday he even told me he met 4 other guys who want to meet me. Guess what? Louis is coming back with them today I can't wait! I then hear some one knock. I look throth that hole-thingy to see my worst nightmare
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