Yours and only yours

This is Ellie's story, her life. She was always treated like an outsider especially by him until she meets Louis Tomlinson who treats her like no one ever did before, makes her feel important .


23. The Liar

I was going for a snack when I saw something in the trash. I picked it up and I started pinching myself to see if this is a nightmare. It was the note I got from that directioner girl. "Louis?" "Yeah love?" " I thought you said that this was all just part of my dream!" He looked at the note "... I lied" "yeah no kidding! Why would you?!" "Because I know how this whole makes you sad so, when you started drowning, I pretended that every thing the past never happened" so tommy isn't early, he's late. Because he came from the first time we had it which I thought never happened! " I can't believe you!" I packed a bag with some baby clothing and my clothing and I picked up tommy care fully. "Where are you-" "home" "but this is your home" "not any more" "Ellie wait!" I got onto a taxi and went home. "Where is she going Louis!?" "Liam, she's going the only place she can go. The apartment" "what?" "The one I used to live in with the pictures!" "Ohhhh well, lets go" "yep" when I made it to the home I put tommy back to sleep and layed next to him on the bed. "Tommy, who would think your father such a liar." I kissed his tiny forehead "good night my angel"
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