Yours and only yours

This is Ellie's story, her life. She was always treated like an outsider especially by him until she meets Louis Tomlinson who treats her like no one ever did before, makes her feel important .


22. The Impossible

"Louuuuiiiisssss!" "Yes love?" "How much longer?!" " 2 months more darling" "I can't wait!" "It's ok. But come on, we need to go to the doctors!" "Ok let's go" Louis grabbed my hand. " can I come?" "Harry will be back soon okay curl boy?" "Okay... " Louis led me to the car "lets go!"
"You two are doing great" "thank you" "now, lets check on the baby" a few seconds later we saw the doctor's face go white. "Is every thing alright doc?" Louis asked nervously " is the baby ok?" "Yes it just... I never seen this before!" "What?!" "This is technically impossible!" "What is?!!" I asked partially screaming. "The baby.... Is coming." "WHAT?!!" Louis had the mist serious face ever! "You mean right here, right now?!!" "Yes Elizabeth" "at least we're in a hospital Ellie " he held my hand tightly "ok, just push!" My face was red this was happening! 2months early! "Louis! Louis!" I started to cry. It felt like forever until I was holding my baby. My baby boy. "So what are we going to nam-" "Tommy Tomlinson!! I always wanted a boy named Tommy!" "Ok then, tommy it is" I smiled looking at tommy, my little angel. We all get I to the car and drove home. Louis walked in before me "are you guys ok?! You took forever!" "How's Ellie doing!?" "Boys, calm down! I would like you to meet tommy!" "Who's tommy?" I walked in and all the AWWs started. Zayn and Liam went to get a crib, clothes and food for tommy.

I have my babe and baby boy. This is weird. I know what's missing ! I need to Marry Ellie ! But not right away, I mean, we just had a baby! I will plan it out and make everything perfect.

I walked into our room where I kissed Tommy and went into the shower. I felt someone wrap their arms around me and pull me down into the bubbles "hello love" "hello Louis" I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him "how about we takes this to the bed ?" "No Louis. I can't take being pregnant again!" "Get condoms!" "No Louis! We can have fun but not to the point where I risk being pregnant!" "Ok then, lets have dome fun without giving you that risk!" I smiled. He got on top of me kissing me till I almost sank to the bottom of the tub it was kinda large. He pushed his fingers into me. I had to moan but still"Louis what did I say?" " sorry your body is just so irresistible" "still Louis" "fine" i got out of the tub and got dressed and he squeezed my bum " why do you like bums so much?" "Why don't you?"

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