Yours and only yours

This is Ellie's story, her life. She was always treated like an outsider especially by him until she meets Louis Tomlinson who treats her like no one ever did before, makes her feel important .


9. The Cousin

I wake up to the smell of pancakes. Yum. It's so quiet until I her my big mouth boy friend yell, "ELLLLIIIIEEEEEEE YOU HAVE MAIL!!" " thanks Louis" I read it

Dear Ellie,
I heard what happened with your father he almost kill you I know this is not the kind of present you expected but I decided to teach you how to defend/ attack why? Because your father is crazy don't expect that's the last of him you can bring a guest/s oh I heard you found Louis such a good kid he was... I hope to see you love
Your cousin
"What's it say?" "My cousin wants to teach me how to kick people's butts" " your going!?" "Nope" "good" "yeah" I crumbled it up and threw it out and we walked to the table. I sat far away from Harry " are you mad at me Ellie?" "No duh Harry!" " Ellie I was just having some fun!" " bad fun" " "no fun fun " "OH MY GOD!" We ran into the living room " what's wrong Liam?!" " TOY STORY IS ON IN THE MORNING! LOOK THERE'S BUZZ AND WOODY!" " ugh " " back in to the kitchen" Niall said happily. We all ate pancakes until we were stuffed. "Where's Zayn?" "Sleeping over Perrie's house" " aww that's cute" Louis wrapped his arms around me " but were cuter!" He kissed my lips " I feel like barfing" Niall said pretending to puke. I threw a pancake at his face and he ate "yum thanks Ellie" " your disgusting" " heh" Louis then picked me up and gave me a piggy back all over the house we here the doorbell still on his back we answer the door " oh this is a good sight my little cousin on a weirdo's back " hey Michael and this weirdo is my boyfriend Louis Tomlinson."
"Oh sorry I thought your boyfriend was famous" " he is from one direction" " who?!" " forget what do you want?" " I want you to live with your family!" " no Michael, I'm staying here on my boyfriend's back." "Think about it" "ugh" I close the door" he Is my least favorite cousin" "really? Mine too" "hah" " can i put you down?" "Nope" he started running to our room and dropped me on the bed and ran away

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