Yours and only yours

This is Ellie's story, her life. She was always treated like an outsider especially by him until she meets Louis Tomlinson who treats her like no one ever did before, makes her feel important .


8. One Direction

"Louis I missed you so much!" "I missed you more oh and let's pack up!" " pack up!? Why?" "Oh we got this really big house for the six of us" "huh?" " don't we have the same room love I wouldn't let them separate us" " thanks boo bear but I like this place" "please" " um" " pretty please!" "Ok" " or you know, we could share a room" Harry said. " sorry hazza I've got a boy friend"
=Louis's POV=
Is Harry hitting on my girlfriend? He shouldn't me and Ellie are in a VERY strong relationship! " Liam tell Ellie how your scared of spoons!" "Wait your scared of spoons?! Ha!" " don't laugh Ellie one day you will be scared of them to!" "Sure"
=Harry's POV=
ELLIE IS SO FREAKING HOT. A COMPLETE BABE. What if I get her to love me instead of Louis? "Why are you guys still talking about spoons?!" " oh shush Harry " Liam said "we all know your thinking of Ellie!" I then saw Ellie blushing but started cuddling with Louis again ughhhhhh I need to separate them "lads lets play hide and seek!" "YAAAAAYYY" "Niall you don't to blow out our ear drums!" " ok here are the rules no hints No moving no peeking and no running around naked Harry" Liam said directed to me. "Your just jealous of my body!" "Gross Harry I would rather touch a spoon" "ha sure ok!" I followed Ellie to her hiding spot making sure she didn't see me " looks like we Ickes the same spot" " I guess Harry" "scooch over" I then grab her bum " Harry what are you doing?" "Oh sorry" not. I started taking my clothes off "Harry stop it you can't do that! "He said I can't run around naked!" I crawled on top of her " Harry stop it! Put your clothes on! Louis!!!" " shhh!" I covered her mouth " yes lov- HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"
Ellie's POV
"Louis I think he's gone crazy !" " Harry can you at least put your underwear on?!" I watched Louis face boil up. How could Harry do this!? " what happened?! Oh it looks like Harry broke hide and seek rules!" Zayn said. Harry then quickly got up and gave me a kiss on the mouth, he smiled and walked away. " sorry about that he is the youngest but the naughtiest" Louis said " no kidding Louis".
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