Yours and only yours

This is Ellie's story, her life. She was always treated like an outsider especially by him until she meets Louis Tomlinson who treats her like no one ever did before, makes her feel important .


7. He Is Back

My father was at the door! I locked it and hoped that Louis was on his way. I called him " Louis!!!!" " what's the matter?!!" I started crying " he is here! My father is here!!" " it's ok love! Don't worry I'm almost there! Just keep the door locked!" "Ok hurry boo bear.." I was crying a flood. With my luck, he used a knife to try to open the door, now I was screaming for some one to help me. I watched him open the door but his knife was stuck in the door. " go away!" I was screaming out my lungs, until I see Louis run in with 4 cute guys "Louis!" "Ellie!" My father turned around when he saw Louis he was surprised " I thought I killed you years ago with her stupid mother! " Shut up! She is not stupid! You are!" He turned around and kicked me to the floor " don't you dare hurt her!" Louis tackled my father, the other lads jumped on top of him to but all together which must hurt, I hear my father yell " get off of me you f****** b******!
My father pushed them off and picked me up and slapped me repeatedly " how dare you run away!" He then through me to the ground like a rag doll, everything was blurry now I wake up to police men taking my father and 5 cute boys. " she's ok!" I heard Louis say. "Louis?"
"Yes love?" " who-" " Liam Zayn Niall Harry " "oh what-" "your father almost killed you but the police came and took him away" " any time it doesn't work out talk to me" Harry said "boys, she's mine"
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