Complete randomness

This is a short story written by me and a few of my friends I wanted to find out what people thought warning it is a little weird but let me know what u think


1. Story

Once upon a time in madagascar there was a small town nobody knew about called Zoovile Zoobobalockatrapolis, and in that town lived a platypus named Bob tropolis who was deeply in love with a panda named Sue Cripleless who loved eating popa jacks. She would eat them all day. One day day Bob and his best friend footyral Camden the giraffe went over to the zooloopoo one stop supermarket. Sue was also at the zooloopoo one stop supermarket with her best friend the nosy mosse maple syrup Caty. She and bob had never meet before. At the zooloopoo one stop supermarket bob and sue bumped into each other bob accidentally hit sues butt. "I'm so s-" he went to say but sue slapped him. " yea right you goo la goo" then she stormed of. Six weeks later sue and bob got married. Everyone was shocked with the quick decision. At the wedding there was an unexpected guest named sir curlyeye lash. He was a big scary mouse. He stalked the newly wed's to there honey moon until he saw a mosse, a mosse he found most spectacular. The mouse gave up stalking and picked up kidnaping. He kidnaped the nosy mosse maple syrup Caty and married the she male while unconscious in Las Vegas. Maple syrup Caty was not happy but they had 37 mini mosse mice they were all named after numbers. When bob and sue came back to Zoovile Zoobobalockatrapolis they had a baby meercat named dory fountain. Dory grew up and fell in love with footyral Camden the giraffe but settled for footyrals baby popcicley dayzie they grew up and married. Popcicley changed his name to Rory. At the wedding bob and sue divorced and dory and Rory had 3 babies a lion named gamma-Leigh shore and a lizard named stilldont bobo and finally a koala named bobrotrap olic. When they turned 4 years old Rory and dory got divorced. Rory married sue and dory married bob. Dory and bob had 69 children and then dory killed bob because she caught him with sue. Dory then killed sue leaving Rory with 102 kids. Then Rory and dory got married again and lived happily ever after.
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