More Than Friends(:

Austin Mahone Fan Fiction


2. Names & Songs

All of the tweets flowed in.

@AustinMahone WHO?

@AustinMahone she needs to back up, MINE

@AusitnMahone AWWW THATS ADORABLE! Post a pic?

Austin: Everybody squeeze together.

Alex, Dakota, Austin and I squeezed together. As he was about to the picture, he kissed my cheek softly and snapped the picture while him lips were there. Once he finished uplaoding it to twitter and instagram he turned his face back to me.

Austin: Soo, best friend, can I get a real kiss now?

Becca: Nope.

I sat up and he pulled me on his lap.

Austin: Why?

Becca: Cause you don't deserve one...

Austin: Why not?

Becca: Because.... mahomies will be jelly

Austin: Well i'm jelly of the air. Because it gets to go past your lips

 Austin licked his lips and stared at me.

Austin: Please? C'mon, we're best friendsss!!

I rolled my eyes and gave him a kiss. He kept my body close and I snuggled my head into his chest.

Alex: You were right..

Austin: What?

Alex: Before, you told me that you were going to get her to be yours..

Austin: Shhh, she's not supposed to know I said that...

Dakota: Don't worry, she always talked about you.

I was extremely glad my face was hidden cause I was probably as red as a tomato..

Austin: See, she's my girl.

He kissed the top of my head and I relaxed. He rubbed my back and I smiled up at him and he bent over and gave me a sweet kiss.

Alex: God, you guys just started dating, calm downnn.

Austin: I've known her for awhile, plus you know how much I love her.. How long i've waited for her to be mine.

Alex: True... we're going to the arts festival, you coming?

Austin looked at me and I nodded.

Austin: Yep.

Alex: Then get ready.

We all hopped off the bed and since I was already dressed all I did was fix my hair.

Austin: You don't need to fix anything.

He put his arm out and I walked over and he wrapped it around me from the side.

Becca: Austin?

Austin: Yes?

Becca: I missed you. A lot.

He lifted my chin and looked me in the eyes.

Austin: I missed you too.. You have no clue how long i've waited to call you mine. That's why I was so impatient to see you when I got back.. Why I forced a hug from you. I needed to feel close to you.

He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. I slid my arms around his neck and he squeezed my petite body closer to his.

Alex: ANy time now..

I giggled and Justin kept my body beside his with his arm wrapped around me. We got in Alex's car and Dakota sat in the front with him.


Mahomie: AUSTIN!

The screams kept filling my ears. I unhooked my fingers from his and walked towards a bathroom. Dakota followed me in.

Dakota: What's the matter?

Becca: I'm getting a headache.

Dakota: Are you going to be okay?

Becca: yea, I'm going to try to make the best of today.

Dakota nodded and walked out. I heard her and Austin start talking.

Austin: Is she okay?

Dakota: Just a headache..

Austin: How's they find us anyways... I feel so bad.

I walked out and joined their conversation.

Austin: Are you okay?

Becca: Fine.

He tried to intertwine his fingers with mine but I moved my hands behind my back. I saw some disappointment in his eyes. I looked back at him and smiled.

AUstin: Come here.

We stopped walking and he pulled me into a hug and I held him close. He lifted me of the ground and I squealed.

Austin: I've got you.

Becca: Unless you drop me...

He acted like he was going to and I held on to him tighter. He did he cute little laugh thing and I smiled at him and hid my face in his neck. I gave him a kiss and he lifted my chin.

Austin: Now one on my lips baby.

I smiled and gave him one. Our lips stayed connected and in that minute, i had so many names being yelled at me. 'Slut' 'whore' 'ma-stealer' 'cunt' bitch' 'ass' 'hoe'.

Austin noticed I was worrying and pressed his lips harder against mine and I blocked the mahomies' voices out. When we pulled apart though, he didn't break eye contact with me. He smiled at me and I nodded. He moved his lips to my ear.

Austin(whispering): Let's go somewhere where people aren't being Jerks.

I nodded and had him set me down. We walked into a shop and somehow snuck out by acting like mahomies then he started running down the street. When we got where no mahomies were he pulled me closer and our lips attached without hesitation.

I'm pretty sure I had the best boyfriend ever.

Austin: I have a song for you... actually a few....







*AN SOrry it took so long.. I don't know how many AUSTIN CARTER MAHONE fans read this stuff... but I know i'm like obsessed with him.. Tell me if I should continueeee... or nott... lol... okay until next time...*


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