More Than Friends(:

Austin Mahone Fan Fiction


1. More Than Friends

My Name's Rebecca, 17 years of age, Best friend Of Dakota Lynn, She's also the girlfriend of Alex Constancio,Austin Mahone's best friend. Me and Austin have become better friends over 10 years. I mean, we were always friends, but three years ago when Alex and Dakota started dating, we became closer. I watched Austin become famous. He was always there for me, When I lost my brother, he was there for me, bu lately he's been on tour with Taylor Swift, I missed my Austin. I missed his smile, I missed everything about him. Now, just so you know we are NOT dating, nothing more than friends. Best friends.

Alex: Austin's flight got delayed for another hour, so he wont be here for 2 hours.

Rebecca: Okay, I know you two want to make out right now, so I'll take a nap. Please, dont wake me up.

Dakota: Okay, we'll try to keep it down..

I closed my eyes and fell asleep easily.

Austin: Wake Up, i'm back...

I opened my eyes and Austin was looking at me. I shooed him.

Austin: Well i missed you too then.

Rebecca: You just wish you were me...

Austin: Why? Because you get to sleep?

Rebecca: You bet ya.

I pushed my face back into my pillow..

Austin: can I get a hug?

I sat up and gave him a hug. He held me against him tightly. I felt a shock, something different from all those other times.

Austin: I really did miss you.

Becca: I missed you too.

He looked me in the eyes, I was in his arms still.

He leaned in slowly, making sure it was okay with me, then he pressed his lips against mine, I pressed back. It felt perfect, like nothing could ruin the moment. When we seperated I laid my head on his chest. He held me protectively. I felt safe in his arms. I closed my eyes and the world went black. But while it went back, I realised, all I wanted to see when I opened my eyes again was Austin. Luckily thats what happened. When I opened my eyes, we were in Austin's bed. My head was against his chest, his arms were around me. As soon as my eyes opened Austin spoke.

Austin: I know,you might not feel the same way...

I pressed my lips against his.

Becca: If it's more than friends, then yes I do.

I could see a smile form on his lips. He kissed me once again.

Austin: Then I have a question..

Becca: And what is that?

Austin: Well, will you be my girlfriend?

Becca: Of coarse.

He pulled me closer and Kissed me again.

Austin: Sorry, I've been holding that back, for well, forever.

Becca: You dont have to, when you feel the need to, you can.

He grabbed my face and pressed his lips to mine and held them there for awhile.

Austin: I could go for longer but...

As soon as he finished saying that Alex and Dakota burst in.


Austin: What?

Alex: Dave said that you carried her up to bed and you two were going to cuddle.

Austin: That's true, except she was asleep when I carried her up.

Alex: Well you two are pretty close now..

Austin: and?

Alex: Welll...

 I started laughing as Dakota started wiggling her eye brows.

I started to drift away from Austin's body from laughing. But he pulled me back quickly.

Dakota: Oooo, okay I have an even BIGGER question than cuddling.

Becca: And what is that?

Dakota: Are you guys dating!?!?!?

I looked at Austin and he kissed me, right in front of them he didnt care. I could hear Dakota squeal.

Dakota: I'll take that as a yes..

I laughed and didnt want to look up because I could tell that I was blushing so bad.

Austin: Aww, you're embarrassed.

He lifted my chin and kissed my lips softly.


Alex and Dakota squished in the bed around us, causeing me to be pressed up against Austin.

Alex: What about the Mahomies? How are they going to feel about this?

Austin: Let's find out.

He struggled, but he eventually got his phone out of his pocket. And tweeted:

@AustinMahone: Excited NEWS! I've got myself a Girlfriend <3




*A/N Okay, I love Austin, and I know he isnt that famous yet, but Follow him on twitter, he's my boy, other than Justin <3 This is going to be a good book, i'll be updating almost everyday. Like, Favorite, Comment, Boecome a fan ;) And Yes I wrote 'Brother's Best Friend' so if you liked that, you'll like this :)*

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