The One

His eyes. The way he looks at me across the room. His laugh. The way he walks. Everything that he does I admire. Now don’t think I’m like a freakish stalker type person. It’s not that I plan on marrying him or something just at the moment he’s all I think about. I love it when I look up and see him looking at me. It’s just like this magical feeling that I can’t escape.


1. The Beginning


      I stroll down the street. Confused. Everything I see around me is in black and white, like you would see in a 1930’s movie. I look down at my hands and I still see the very pale white skin that I am so shamefully use to. I look up to see a shiny glistening light from 42nd street’s bland walkway to Mayberry. I walk closer scared to see what lies beneath the blinding light. And what do I see? A figure of a teenage boy. This wasn’t odd to me because I was used to seeing this figure in my dreams very often, but this time it was different. He didn’t talk this time like we had before. He just looked at me and grabbed my soft white hand. It was an amazing feeling, to have his hand in mine. I smiled back and our eyes met I went to say something but he started to fade away. I went to beg him to stay but nothing came out. No words. I wanted to yell No don’t leave me but in an instant he was gone. Leaving me there by myself. Who was this boy I had grown fond of? Who knows? All I know is now I’m alone. Like always. I am Mackenzie Light.

      I wake up to the sound of my annoying “Tribute to Terror” ringtone on my newly bought IPhone 5. I open my eyes and slowly trudge to closet to find the outfit I would wear for the day. After finding the shiny blue sequin tank top and Aeropostale jeans I love I slowly pulled off my pajamas. As I am getting dressed I look at the oddly shaped birthmark that lies on my stomach. After fully getting dressed I walked over to my 6 foot stand up mirror and I look at myself. I look at my long blonde hair, my rare purple eyes, my albino skin and think to myself why can’t I be normal? I take my blonde hair and make an elegant fishtail braid to the side of my head and prepare for a new day.

       I walk down the marble spiral staircase which lies in the middle of our two story mansion. I slowly walk into our kitchen hoping not to wake anyone up. Glass plates and cups everywhere. Oh how I wanted to just smash all of them.  But of course I wouldn’t do that because then someone would’ve heard me and I would’ve been grounded for sure. It’s against The Rules to get up this early. I hate this “perfect” house and this “perfect” life.

        I quietly grab my backpack and head to the end of my stone driveway. I can feel my skin tingle as the cold wind blows across my face. Of course I forgot my jacket. I turned to go back inside when the bus pulled up. It’s nothing special. Just a rusty old yellow bus with the words “Hillsborough County” written across the sides in black. I go up to the bus doors and walk in. I was the only person on the bus besides Jenna the bus driver. I go and sit down on the freezing leather seats and we take off. All I hear for the whole 2 hour bus ride is the annoying sound of an old engine, and trust me it doesn’t smell much better. You can’t see anything outside from the bus windows because it has a thick layer of mold and dust covering my sight to the hideous world we live in.

           By the time we reach the prison some people call Buckner High School I immediately go to see my best friend in the entire world Sarah. I walk up to talk to her. It will probably be our usual conversation about how we are hungry and despise school.

 “Can I go home yet?” Sarah said in agony

       I glare at her with my usual I agree with you glare and assuming she got what I was thinking she laughed. I look at her and think about how we are even friends. I mean she is so athletic and I’m so not. We come from two totally different worlds and from different family backgrounds. But don’t get me wrong I envy her gorgeous long brown hair. I find it hilarious that she thinks she weighs one million pounds when really it’s more like thirty. I make fun of her for it constantly.

 “So…” She started “Did you start the math homework? I really need the answers.” I laughed. She’s being her usual self. Not doing homework, but that’s where we are similar. I didn’t do it either.

 “Um… I didn’t get to finish it. I guess we are both screwed.” I said glaring at her. We both look at each other and walk to class.

       I open the door to our Spanish class and walk inside. Oh how I dreaded Spanish. I glance around and look at the Spanish posters hanging all over the ugly blue wall that surrounded this death trap.

  “Sarah! I forgot to tell you something!” I yelled across the room

 She came walking over to where I was lazily sitting.

  “What?” she said tiredly. She really isn’t a morning person so her usual voice of I-don’t-really-care was usual this early in the morning.

  “So I saw the boy again in my dream” I started saying softly so no one else could hear “But this time it was different. He didn’t talk. He just looked at me and smiled. Then he disappeared into thin air.”

 Sarah glanced at me and thought about the other stories I had told her about this mysterious boy.

  “Well I don’t know why you’re seeing a boy in your dreams. Especially one you don’t know. You probably should go to a doctor for that. You might have some sleeping dream like syndrome.” She laughed at herself knowing what she said was preposterous. Well who knows maybe I am going crazy.


*Authors Note*

Hey Guys. I would just like to thank everyone who's reading this. I've worked really hard on it and if you like this please like and comment so I know if your enjoying this so I can write more! Thanks :)



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