No Man's Land

Emily and Brad were meant to be together, but both their parents disapprove, forcing them to break up. Emily can't let Brad go, until she has to when Brad goes off to fight in the was, for the opposite side. Emily is torn. One day she gets a note from Brad saying to meet him at the camp, but only to be let down again, but she refuses to let him go.

Authors Note: This is a slightly true story. The characters are real and the plot is basicly all true besides the setting of the story isn't real, it's a totally made up land, and Brad never went off to war. Anyway! I hope you like it!


4. The note

Two years later

I lifted the bucket off off the wells wall. I heaved it up, mustering up all my strength just to carry it back to the house. Water sloshed out and hit my feet making me slip. It took awhile but I made it back to the house. My mum was outside cooking something outside. I set the bucket next to her and then walked off. Everyday after I had finished my chores I would go to the meadow that Brad and I would spend all our time in. I past his house and saw his little sister Lily outside. She saw me and came running up to me. Lily was my friend and was the only one that supported me and Brad.

"Hey Emily!" Lily said as she gave me a hug.

"Hey Lily. Heard anything from you-know-who?" I asked. Since we were right outside Brad's house, I didn't dare say his name.

"He's good, he just sent his letter today and he asked me to give you this," Lily said as she pulled a small piece of parchment out of her apron. "He said to read it secretly, so no one knows about it," Lily said.

I gave her another hug and left. My fingers were wrapped around the piece of paper. I didn't want to look at it until I was hidden from the village. I crossed the threshold and started running. I ran until I was in the small clearing. I walked to the middle where the sun was shining through the trees and sat down. I looked at the paper. It was wrinkled and on the outside in neat handwriting was my name. I carefully opened up the note and read it.



I promised never to forget you, and ever since I left you have never left my mind. The battle is heating up, and I fear it will not be over for awhile. Another fear is that I will not make it home to see you. I don't want that to happen. I will not die without seeing you again. I have giving Lily this note, knowing that she will give it to you. I would have given it to her personally but I couldn't risk it. I did however hide a very special present in our spot. I know you know where I would hide it, and I trust that you will know what to do with it.

Hope to see you soon,



I read the note once more. He had come back? Just to give me something. I folded the note back up and put it in my apron pocket. I scanned the area and saw the tree that had a small hole in it. When Brad and I first came here, we would leave notes to each other in the base where the hole was. I stood up and walked over to the tree and bent down. I put my hand down the small hole and felt a large paper object. I pulled it out of the hole and stared at the paper that held the gift. In the middle of the package was my name again. I took a deep breath and ripped open the package.

Inside was clothes. It wasn't just ordinary cloths but special cloths. It was was clothes, for the Black kingdoms army. Brad wanted me to sneak into his camp. I smiled. I would leave tonight. I place the paper back over the clothes and place it back in the hole and ran back home to prepare for my journey.

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