No Man's Land

Emily and Brad were meant to be together, but both their parents disapprove, forcing them to break up. Emily can't let Brad go, until she has to when Brad goes off to fight in the was, for the opposite side. Emily is torn. One day she gets a note from Brad saying to meet him at the camp, but only to be let down again, but she refuses to let him go.

Authors Note: This is a slightly true story. The characters are real and the plot is basicly all true besides the setting of the story isn't real, it's a totally made up land, and Brad never went off to war. Anyway! I hope you like it!


6. No more

 I stopped in the middle of the crowd, staring at Brad. He looked sadder that he usually was. He held a beer bottle in his hand and took a swig and set it down on the table. He motioned for the bar-tender and the bar-tender handed him another beer. I quickly walked over to where Brad was and slid in across from him. Brad was looking at the table and it took him a minute to realize that I was there. When he did realize that someone had slid in, he looked up and looked like he was going to get mad but then he realized it was me. He stared at me trying to figure everything out. Then he smiled.

"Princess, youcame," he whispered as he slurred his words together. I could tell he was drunk.

"Of coarse I would come. I've missed you. A day hasn't gone by that I hadn't thought of you," I said as I took the beer bottle away from him. "What's happened to you?" I asked. "I've never seen you like this."

"I don't know. War has changed me," Brad said as he looked down again. "I hate this. I hate all of this, and everyone that did this to us," Brad said as he banged his fist on the table, making a loud noise.

"Brad, it's all right," I said as I grabbed his fist and started rubbing it. "You don't have to hate everyone, why don't you come back home?" I asked. "Run away,"

Brad shook his head. "I can't do that, the general is too close to my parents. He'd tell him and they would send me right back and make sure you never left," Brad said.

"I was taking a risk when I went to the meadow, I had to sneak out at lights-out and make it back before roll-call. That's why I didn't come to see you, I just had to leave the package and the note with Lily,"

I stared at Brad, he seemed....different. Something had changed in him. He was always so positive and now everything he said seemed to be negative. War had changed him.

"Brad, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Everything," Brad said.

"Well then lets go somewhere quieter and talk about it," I suggested but Brad shook his head.

"I need to talk to you, but I think it's better if we are in a public place," I looked surprised. Something must be really wrong. "We can't be together anymore," Brad said slowly.

"I know we can't, but we can try," I said quickly. I didn't like were this was going.

"I'm tired of trying. We've been trying for two years and it's just not working. We can never see each other, I can't even write to you. It's hard and I'm tired of it," Brad said as he stood up. "I'm done Emily,"

I flinched when he used my actual name. He had always called me Princess. I quickly stood up and grabbed his arm. "Brad I think your drunk right now. You don't know what your doing. Lets wait awhile, wait until your not drunk,"

"Your right, I am drunk but I do know what I'm saying. I'm done Emily, and you can't say otherwise." Brad said as he walked away. I stayed seated, letting the news's sink in. Brad didn't love me anymore. He didn't want me. After a few minutes I stood up and walked out and started walking back to my village.

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