No Man's Land

Emily and Brad were meant to be together, but both their parents disapprove, forcing them to break up. Emily can't let Brad go, until she has to when Brad goes off to fight in the was, for the opposite side. Emily is torn. One day she gets a note from Brad saying to meet him at the camp, but only to be let down again, but she refuses to let him go.

Authors Note: This is a slightly true story. The characters are real and the plot is basicly all true besides the setting of the story isn't real, it's a totally made up land, and Brad never went off to war. Anyway! I hope you like it!


2. Authors note

Hey, sorry about interrupting the story but I had to make a note here or else the rest of the story would make no sense. The first chapter was how I met Brad. All that didn't happen in one day but all of that did happen. Now I am sorta going back in time with the story. The characters will be the same but instead of it being in modern day, it'll be in mid-evil times. There are two kingdoms that are under seize by the other. The two kingdoms are Black and Red, sorry but I couldn't think of another names. Both Brad and Emily are part of the Red kingdom.

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