Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


39. Kaitlin.

They walked through the busy New York streets, Kaitlin kept close to Elenor so as not to get lost in the crowds of people. It didn't take long before they reached what Kaitlin guessed was there destination. A very posh and expensive looking apartment building. Elenor pressed one of the buttons next to a tenants name and waited for a response.

"Hello?" Came a female voice through the intercom.

"Hey Marty, it Elenor. I've brought Kaitlin." Elenor said through mic.

"Come right up, I'll buzz  you in."

Elenor and Kaitlin walked into the building and into the lift, all the way up to the penthouse. That's when Kaitlin realised that whoever they were here to see must have been very important and also very rich. 

They stood before the door and Elenor knocked sharply on it and in a matter of seconds the grand double doors were pulled open by a woman with beautiful blonde hair and sparkling green eyes who looked a little bit older than Elenor.

"Hello!" She smiled invitingly, moving aside to allow the girls in. Elenor looked around the apartment with her mouth hanging open. Everything was so clean and expensive, right down to the shining wine glasses on the black, highly polished dining table.

"So this is the marvelous Kaitlin I've been hearing all about then." Marty said, looking Kaitlin up and down in a appraising way.

"Um." Kaitlin said, looking at her sister.

"Yes, this is Kaitlin." Her sister beamed.

"I've seen your designs. I'm very impressed, you have potential." Marty said with a small smile.

"Ah, thank you?" Kaitlin said, she wasn't all too sure where this was going anymore.

"I have an offer for you. I want to offer you a job, for when you leave school of course. I'd be delighted to have you in my team."

A job?! Here?! In America? Wow.

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