Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


31. Kaitlin.

Kaitlin was sat in the kitchen the next morning whist her sister made her pancakes. Elenor didn't get to cook for people very often so she was making the most of having this oppertunity.

After Kaitlin had forced down the delicious food she was about ready to birst and was seriously considering going for a nap to sleep the bloated feeling off but there was a knock at the door and Elenor went to answer it.

"Ah James! What brings you here this morning?" Kaitlin heard her sister ask merrily. James was there! She looked down and checked her appearance.

What am I doing? She thought.

"I wonder if Kaitlin wanted a tour of the area." He said.

"Oh, well come in, she's in the kitchen." Elenor said as she stepped aside to allow the teenage boy in. Kaitlin smoothed her hand over her hair just as James came into the kitchen. He was smiling brightly and Kaitlin felt her breath hitch in her throat.

"Morning." He said pleasently.

"Hi." Kaitlin studdered then mentally hit herself. She found that James was looking at her with amusment in his eyes.

"I was wondering, if maybe you would like to come for a walk with me, I can show you around." He suggested. Katilin looked at Elenor who smiled and nodded.

"Um, yeah sure that sounds.... nice..." She stammered, was that the only adjective she could come up with? Nice?

"Don't be long though, I wanted to take you round to see one of my friends." Elenor said as she passed Kaitlin her shoes.

"Don't worry we won't be going far." James said as he began walking to the door, Kaitlin followed him.

"Okay, here you are Kaitlin, you might need some money." Elenor said as she handed Kaitlin $20.

"Thanks." Kaitlin said, she wasn't sure if her cheeks were still as red as a beetroot, they never seemed to cool down when she saw James. They walked to the lift and as it took them down James turned to her.

"So I was thinking maybe a walk down Broadway? I know an awesome little resturant where we can eat." He said in a bright voice, his smile was wide as he mentioned food.

"Yeah that sounds good." Kaitlin said. Did this mean it was like a date?

"I know the theaters not for everyone, but I kind of like it." James admitted almost sheepishly.

"My friend back in England, Esmeralda, she's crazy about musical theater. Infact she's gone to some arts academy this summer, The Art's of London or something." Kaitlin said, glad for something to talk about.

"Oh yeah I've heard of that, it's meant to be really good. And what about you? What are you in to?" He asked curiously as they stepped out of the lift.

"Oh me? I like youtube and David Bowie. Thats about it." She laughed quietly.

"David Bowie is amazing!" James said enthusiactically. Kaitlin was feeling more comfortable by the second and by the time they got to the resturant they were in deep conversation about musicals, youtube, England and David Bowie.

"I think I'll just have some nacho's." Kaitlin smiled at the waitor.

"Same for me please." James added. Kaitlin reached to get her money out but James stopped her. "Don't be stupid, I'll pay." He said.

"No it's fine." Kaitlin said.

"Kaitlin." He stopped her with a single word. So he was paying for her food. Was this a date?

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