Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


22. Kaitlin.

New York was amazing in the day time, of course, but at night time? It was stunning! There were lights everywhere and sounds coming from every direction, Kaitlin didn't know what to look out first. There were people dancing, singing, laughing and just having fun. She had never felt so alive, back in England she lived in a very safe quiet estate call St. Pans where everyone kept themselves to themselves and it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to get into any trouble at all.

Elenor led her down a few avenues and Kaitlin saw they were getting near Broadway, she wished Esmeralda could see it. She would have to try and call her and tell her all about it.

"Here we are, it's really nice in here!" Elenor said over the noise. They entered a small, but packed out resturant. It was beautiful inside and by the mouthwatering smell from the food Kaitlin guessed it was a Chinese resturant.

"Elen I don't think theres any tables in here." Kaitlin said looking round at the occupied tables.

"Oh hang on a minute. Sam!" She shouted to a passing waiter. He turned round an beamed when he saw her.

"Elenor! You want a table?" He asked.

"Of course." Elenor smiled back. He nodded then began leading them to the back of the building they walked through a door and up a flight of stairs. Kaitlin was wondering where they were going until they emerged on what seemed to be the roof top of the building. It was amazing, there was no more than five tables spaced out and everything was illuminated by small lights.

"Wow..." Kaitlin remarked.

"We always have spare tables for our regulars." Sam smiled when he saw her awe struck expression. They sat down at a table and ordered food and drinks.

"So, what do you think of New York so far little sis?" Elenor asked her, exitement lighting up her face.

"Well from what little I've seen, I love it!" Kaitlin smiled widley.

"And what about a certain young boy?" Elenor smirked.

"I don't like him!" Kaitlin exclaimed, her cheeks going a fiery red.

"Oh come on! You were practically drooing! Do you have a boyfriend in England?" Elenor asked taking a sip from the glass of wine Sam had brought her. Kaitlin shook her head quickly.

"Got your eye on anyone?" Elenor urged.

"Well there is this one boy called, Tiebus Maddley. I like him but he's in my group of friends. I don't think he likes me in that way.." Kaitlin trailed off. She didn't like talking about her feelings for Tiebus, especially not with her nosey older sister.

"What?! There is no way he doesn't like you! Your  beautiful!" Her sister said. Kaitlin blushed again.

"Well I'm kind of the crazy one in our group, so I think he just see's me as a friend." Kaitlin said timidly.

"How are your friends what are they doing this summer?" Elenor asked, sensing Kaitlins discomfort with the Tiebus topic.

"Oh well Erin's gone to acting summer camp in Texas, Isabella's going to writing classes and Esmeralda is going to a performing art's summer school in London." Kaitlin explained, brightening up at the mention of her friends. "So how do you know James's brother?" Kaitlin asked. Elenor blushed furiously.

"Well I work with him, designing stuff you know. Clothes! We design clothes toghether!" Elenor said in a very rushed and flustered voice.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say someone's got a little crush on Oliver Durwent!" Kaitlin laughed. Elenor blushed more (if that's even possible).

"Oh shut up." She said whilst hiding her face in her hands.

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