Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


17. Kaitlin.

"James! What are you doing here?" Elenor asked when she saw the young boy stood with Kaitlin.

"My brother said he forgot to give you some of the designs he said he would and wanted you to have them." The boy names James said, smiling.

"Oh well, Kait, are you going to introduce yourself?" Elenor said with a cheeky smile on her face.

"Oh yeah I'm Kaitlin, Elenors sister. I'm here for the holidays." Kaitlin said. She could feel the colour blooming in her cheeks.

"I'm James Durwent. I live with my brother a on the floor below. It's nice to meet you." He said as they shook hands. Kaitlin felt her cheeks get even warmer. God she must have looked like such an idot, stood there with cheeks redder than a tomato.

"Well it's been nice talking to you but I have to go before Oliver gets worried." James said as he waved goodbye.

"Bye!" Both girls said in unison.

James left the apartment and Elenor immeadietly burst out laughing.

"My god Kait! I've seen paler strawberries. I think someone has a little crush on James." Her sister teased.

"No! I most certainly do not!" Kaitlin objected. Probably a little bit too strongly for it to be entirly believable.

"The lady doth protest to much me thinks." Elenor mocked.

"Oh shut up Elen!" Kaitlin said as she threw a cushion from the sofa at her sister.

"Want to go out for tea?" Elen asked. Kaitlin nodded as she tied her long brown hair up. Elenor opened the door and they left the apartmen into the warm New York night.


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