Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


30. Isabella.

"Semicolons!" John Green exclaimed, writing one on the whiteboard. "Amazing piece of punctuation, really useful, impressive... in essays. In books, you want to limit the amount, it seems to formal, it'll put the reader off..."

There John Green was. The John Green. It was amazing enough that he was even there, let alone teaching Isabella, giving her writing advice! But why couldn't Isabella stop glancing over at Eddy all lesson? It was the typical movie. She would glance over across the room with a little smile on her face and glance away before he saw. Eddy would do the same thing. Sometimes there would be a moment where Eddy was already looking or vice versa and they would both blush and duck their heads, laughing to themselves and looking down at their screens. 

"Okay, romance." John Green said. "I don't care what kind of book you're writing, you want to include the tiniest element of romance. Whatever anyone says, everyone loves even the slightest touch of romance, whether it's a full on love story or one sentence in the whole book saying they glanced over at each other, rather like young Eddy and Isabella are doing today."

"What?!" they both exclaimed in outrage as the whole class echoes "oooooh!".

John laughed. "Young love. So cute and inevitable. Anyway..."

After class, when everyone was leaving, Isabella gave Eddy a smile that said "I'll meet you outside". Eddy just wanted to follow her and be with her, but John pulled him over once everybody else had left too.

"Can I have a word Eddy?" John asked, smiling.

"Sure." Eddy shrugged. "What's up?"

"Look, not that I don't trust you. You're a very nice guy and I know you'd never break anyone's heart. You're not like that."

"No." Eddy shook his head.

"Just be careful with Isabella, please." John pleaded. It wasn't in a disapproving way, it was kind, a warning purely to help Eddy.

"What? Of course, why would you say that?" Eddy asked, frowning, doubting himself all of a sudden.

"Not that you're doing anything wrong!" John said quickly, shaking his head. "No, no, you're being a true gentleman, everything that I would want any daughter of mine to have in a boyfriend. But I just want to make sure, you're not going to lose her. Isabella is a very talented, thoughtful, special girl. You are so blessed to have her and if you let your male instinct take over and disrespect her or hurt her in anyway, she is smart enough to know when to walk away from you. So be careful, please, I don't want to see her or you hurt."

"I will be careful." Eddy confirmed. "Thank you John."

John nodded, smiling and putting his hands up. "It's in the job."

Eddy smiled, walking out to where Isabella stood waiting. He quickly took her hand; the talk of losing her had shaken him up a bit, he needed to hold onto her.

"What was that about?" she asked, smiling.

"Just my novel, wanted to let me know about some issues with switching tenses. No biggie." He smiled back.



The both smiled and walked to the park and everything was okay.

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