Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


28. Isabella.

"I'll set you down here, that alright?" Eddy asked, gesturing to the sofa in his bedroom. Luckily none of his family were home. Isabella didn't think she could handle the mortification.

Isabella laughed. "I could have walked up the stairs. I could walk to that sofa."

He set her down on the couch, with her leg propped up on a footrest. He looked down at her foot and tilted it side to side gently.

"Does that hurt?" he asked, concerned.

"No! Dude, let it go, I'm fine."

He sighed and reluctantly sat next to her, his arm on the sofa behind her. They sat chatting for a while, but Isabella was ever concious of his arm behind her when all of a sudden it slipped onto her shoulders. She tried to act cool, but couldn't help but look at him questioningly.

She never got an answer. Not in words anyway because he leant down and kissed her, a proper kiss. It was brief and soft and sweet and so gentle that she had to wonder if it actually happened a minute later. She gave him another questioning look and he just smiled.

"Don't ask me because I have no idea." he smiled and kissed her again.

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