Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


26. Isabella.

After another journey of Taylor Swift CD's and debates on books, Eddy and Isabella arrived at Clumser park. The car pulled to a jerky halt and just as Isabella was about to open the car door, Eddy was already there, opening it for her. He was probably just being nice, Isabella thought, but to her it was a really sweet gesture. When she was out of the car, he took her hand, which surely was more than just being nice, but she acted casually, just intertwining her fingers with his as he did with hers. She couldn't believe she was this... confident with him. When she looked at him, he looked like he was trying to act casual but couldn't help the classic quirky smile coming through.

"Okay, lets go. I know a really great spot." he said to her.

"Okay." Isabella smiled.

The place in Clumser was really nice. It was by the lake, but around the opposite side to where everyone else was so it was just them there. There was a tree nearby where Eddy put down a picnic blanket and laid the food out, in a spot where they would be in the shade but still able to see the clear blue sky with the fluffy clouds. The lake was sparkling in the light and it was warm but the cool shade made it perfect.

"I never knew about this place." Isabella said, sitting down on the blanket next to Eddy.

"No, not many people do." Eddy said, grinning. "That's what makes it special, just like you!"

Isabella giggled. "And the award for the cheesiest thing ever said goes to Eddy!"

His face turned serious. "Well every other girl I bring here loves it when I say that."

Isabella frowned. He brought other girls here and said the same things to them? She was just thinking about what to do or say when Eddy laughed. He was laughing now? He found this funny?

"Your face!" he laughed.

"I don't find it funny." Isabella mumbled, crossing her arms defensively.

He kept laughing but stifled it at the end. "Isabella, come on. As if I'd bring anybody else here. I was kidding."

She felt a wave of relief was over her so she laughed but punched Eddy playfully. .

"Dude! Not! Cool!" she said and he just laughed more, raising his hands.

"Okay, okay! I'm sorry, Iz, I apologise with every inch of my being, I am deeply contrite from the bottom of my heart-"

"Shut up." Isabella laughed but stopped anyway. "You should sorry." 

"I am." Eddy promised. "I made your favourite sandwich."

And he did because somehow he knew that her favourite sandwich was chicken salad, even though he hated it and his favourite was bacon. He'd also set out loads of different berries and had cranberry juice to drink. He even remembered that Isabella loved pitta bread and homous just like him and even taken her jokey hint about chocolate cake seriously. He had bought a proper chocolate cake with icing and everything.

"Eddy, you made my favourite everything."

He just laughed and they ate their food. In the end, they had some bread left over so they went to feed the ducks. As the stood up from the blanket, Eddy intertwined his fingers with Isabella's again which surprised her. She thought maybe that was just a one time thing, but she was happy, obviously, She blushed and Eddy's quirky smile returned when he saw that she was blushing. He looked rather smug, but in a cute endearing way.

As they fed the ducks, Isabella felt like a little girl again, but in a good way. They were silent, but it was a silence that didn't need to be filled because them holding hands was enough and the birds chirping in the trees made it even better. There was only two ducks that ate their bread but Eddy and Isabella kept chucking the breat cheerily anyway.

"You look happy, Iz." Eddy pointed out.

"I feel little again." Isabella said, her heart jumping at the nickname.

He chuckled. "Is that a good thing?"

"A very good thing."

"Did you... climb trees when you were little?"

Isabella smiled up at Eddy who was smiling out at the lake, chucking bread with his free hand. "Yes."

"Then lets go and climb trees."


"What are you doing with the knife, Eddy?" Isabella called from the top of the tree.

They had found the tallest tree they could and climbed to the very top. Well, Isabella had. Eddy was at the base of the tree and had the tip of his tongue sticking out with concentration as he etched the letters I and E onto the tree with a tiny heart next to it. Isabella and Eddy. He finished with a smile on his face, wiping off the excess bark. Grinning at Isabella, he climbed up the whole treee to Isabella's branch and sat beside her.

"I carved our initials into the tree. And drew a damn fine heart if I say so myself." he nudged her ribs.

Isabella blushed. "I thought that was a couple thing."

"It is." Eddy said, leaning ever so slightly forward. He noticed Isabella doing the same, glancing up at him for a moment than glancing back down, laughing to herself.

"Oh." Isabella said, smiling.

Eddy smiled back and leaned a little further and everything was perfect.

Until the branch snapped. Only half of it, at the end where Isabella was sitting. With a wail, she began falling down through the branches and the only thing Eddy could do was panic and start to climb down the branches as fast as he could. He got the the bottom and could see where Isabella was lying on the ground and his heart picked up pace. Running over to her, he could see the scratches on her face and the blood trickling down her cheek.

"Isabella!" he gasped. "Isabella talk to me."

To Eddy's surpirse, Isabella laughed weakly. He sighed, slightly relieved.

"My luck." she muttered. "I'm okay."

She started to get up but she was limping slightly so Eddy picked her up and started to carry her. However much she protested, Eddy felt like it was the least he could do to calm his nerves about her and to apologise... for what? He wasn't sure. Letting her fall?

"Eddy. I can walk. I'll be fine by tomorrow." she said.

"Yeah, you'll be fine tomorrow." Eddy pointed out. "Right now it's today."

"Eddy. Put me down." she said more firmly, but there was a playful tone somewhere.


She groaned in protest but soon enough they were in the car, driving back to Eddy's house.

"You can take me home." Isabella protested again. "I do have a family that will take care of me, you know."

"I want to make sure you're alright." Eddy smiled sideways at her, keeping his eyes on the road. "Plus we never finished our date properly."

"Oh, a date, that's what it is." Isabella said in a teasing tone, bracing the tips of her shoes against the windscreen. "Wasn't it a way of celebrating Let your friend fall from a tree day?"

"Oh shut up, Iz." he laughed. "First you don't want me to help you and then you do. Make up that creative little mind of yours. And yes it was a date. I quite enjoyed it."

"I did too." Isabella said serious again. "It was nice."

"Nice?! "

Isabella laughed. "Okay, okay. It was smashing, Edward, absolutely wonderful, lovely experience, must do it again some time-"

"You're so sarcastic it hurts, Iz."

"That's what I was aiming for."

They were bantering as usual as if they didn't almost kiss and neither of them could decide whether that was a good or bad thing. So they kept singing Taylor Swift and talking about books as normal.


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