Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


23. Isabella.

"So, so nice!" Isabella squealed down the phone. She was in the middle of telling Erin about Eddy driving her home. It was only six in the morning (she didn't have to be up for another hour!) but Isabella was way to excited to see Eddy at writing again so she woke up early and knew that Erin would be awake. "And ginger!"

"No way!" Erin laughed. "He sounds fit."

"Back off. Go chill with the fit actor boys."

"Oh, that reminds me, guess who is here!" Erin also squealed. They didn't used to think they were the squealing type, but apparently they were. "Josh. Freaking. Hutcherson."

Isabella couldn't believe it! They had talked about him for their whole teenage life and he was there?!

"WHAT?!" Isabella demanded. "Oh my god! Wait, Erin. You could like, be with Josh Hutcherson!"

She heard Erin laugh. "Haha, no. I don't think I like him in that way in real life. There is a guy here though, he seems okay, he's called Ethan. But enough about me, what about this Eddy guy?!".

"I don't know." Isabella sighed. "I mean, it was nice of him to offer to drive me home or even notice that I was from writing, but that's all it was for him. Being nice. Stupid nice boys."

"Oh come on, he definitely fancies you." Erin sounded like there was a big grin on her face. Isabella rolled her eyes, glad that Erin couldn't see her. One time, a guy smiled at Isabella and Erin was convinced that he fancied Izzy.

"I doubt it." she said glumly. Somewhere down the phone, Isabella heard someone call Erin's name.

"Oh I've gotta go now. I guess I'll speak sometime soon! Have fun with Eddy."

"Yeaaaaaaah." Isabella says warily incase Erin makes a thing out of it.


Isabella is yet again early, only she and John (Green, of course) sit in the room. They have a little conversation about The Fault in our Stars and then everybody begins piling into the room. Isabella sees Eddy and her heart skips a beat. He catches her eye and her heart feels like its stops until he smiles that crooked smile at her and then it's beating so fast it feels unhealthy.

He takes a seat on the sofa next to her, getting his laptop out of his bag.

"Hello there." he sounds cheery and looks well rested.

"Hi." Isabella smiled and got her own laptop out.

"How'd you sleep?" he asks.

Isabella blushed. She wondered why he cared so much. A million thoughts ran through her head and she had to remind herself that he was probably just being kind.Tucking her legs underneath her so she was sitting on them, she smiled.

"Not very well. I don't really... do sleep." she admitted.

He laughed. "Nocturnal?"

"That's it." she agreed, laughing.

"Oh, so you don't have the excuse of sleeping to explain why you didn't reply to me on facebook?"

She frowned. "Facebook?"

"You accepted my request and then didn't speak to me." he said, but he was smiling slightly.

She blushed more. "I'm sorry."

He nudged her. "Nah. But you can make it up to me."

Looking at him questioningly, he rested his arm on the sofa behind her. Her heart jumped around in her chest but she had to remind herself that he isn't putting his arm around her. She had to stop getting her hopes up!

"How about we do something. After class." he suggested. "It's a nice day today. How about Clumser park? You can come to mine straight afterwards and I'll get a picnic ready and we can go by the lake."

Isabella was about to decline his offer, her mind telling her that she was too socially awkward for a gathering like this with him, but she couldn't pass it up so she nodded smiling and was pleasantly surprised by the ball of excitement that was growing in her chest!

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