Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


20. Isabella.

Isabella walked home in a daze. She couldn't wipe the smile off her face. The real John Green loved The Revivers, the book she had been working so hard on. She hoped Erin and Kaitlin and Esmeralda would be able to answer their phones where they were. She wanted to tell everyone. John Green loved The Revivers!

In her daze, Isabella managed to walk right into somebody, who ran into her knocking her over. With a grunt, she looked up to see a boy, with reddish/bronze hair, that looked styled but wasn't, hazel eyes and flawless skin other than a light dusting of freckles. Isabella recognised him; he was just in her writing class. He groaned and looked at her with a sense of familiarity on his face too.

"Oh." he said, blinking. "The new girl."

Isabella frowned, looking up at the boy as he got up. "I have a name."

He lifted the left corner of his mouth, revealing a quirky crooked smirky smile and held a hand out to help Isabella up. She took it and got up. The boy gripped onto her hand for a second, then realised what he was doing and quickly pulled it away with a slight blush beneath his freckles.

"I know you do." he promised. "I just don't know what it is."

"Isabella." She announced, crossing her arms across her chest. A sign that she didn't want this conversation to continue for much longer.

"Eddy." he smiled his crooked smile again.

"Well, that's great." Isabella said sarcastically, hoping he would get her not so subtle hints and let her go.

"I'll drive you home."

Apparently, he didn't get her not so subtle hints. She sighed, but forced a smile.

"No, that's okay. I don't live far away. I can walk."

"Don't you live in Gateforse?"

Isabella cursed in her mind. Dammit. She always cracked under pressure, she couldn't think of any excuse anymore.

Sighing, she nodded. "Yeah."

"But we're in Sheffield. How were you going to walk home?" the crooked smile returned.

"I meant walk to the train station." she said, though she knew it was no use.

"Come on, my car's here." He nudged her forward, towards the old looking car. Isabella smiled. She liked old cars like that; rusty and running with a loud rumbling noise.

She climbed into the front seat and Eddy started the car and they started driving. It was silent for a while until Eddy slipped a CD into the player. A familiar tune came on, pretty much the anthem of Isabella's teenage years from when she was thirteen to now, three years later, when she was sixteen. Long Live by Taylor Swift.

"No way!" Isabella leant forward to turn the CD up. "You like Taylor Swift?!"

Eddy laughed. "Love her! Favourite song?"

"Last Kiss or Long Live, I think, if I had to choose. You?"

"Last Kiss, Mean or Picture to Burn."

"Oh my God, Picture to Burn!" Isabella laughed happilly. "Favourite album?"

"Oh, Fearless, hands down."

"You have to be kidding me!" Isabella protested. "Speak Now is clearly the best! Okay favourite song from each album."

"Mary's song from Taylor Swift, Long Live from Speak Now, The Best Day from Fearless and All Too Well from Red."

"Good answer." Isabella said, going back to listening to the song.

After a  long while, two Taylor Swift CDs, a debate on the best John Green book and getting lost a few times, Eddy managed to get her home in one piece. Isabella smiled, relieved. That car ride wasn't as awkward as she had thought it would be. Her social awkwardness actually had gone away! She turned and smiled at Eddy.

"Thank you for driving me." she said.

"Of course." he smiled. "Wouldn't want you walking home." he said mockingly.

"Oh shut up." Isabella laughed and punched him playfully. "I will see you tomorrow at writing, I guess."

"Yep. See you then!"


Isabella climbed out of the car, waving goodbye to Eddy and ran inside up to her room. She had to admit, he was kind of attractive. She couldn't wait to call the others!



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