Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


16. Isabella

Isabella didn't understand why nobody else was starstruck by John Green. She guessed that the same people had been coming here for years and were probably the same when they had first started. She listened to everything he said carefully, taking lots of notes. Then the time came to begin their books. She really wanted to write The Revivers but she felt it wasn't good enough for this class.

She wrote a love story, just a sort fantasy story with dragons and shit like that with an aditional love story. She didn't feel right writing it, it wasn't her style and it didn't feel orignal in any way but she wrote it and was fairly proud of it.

The lesson ended and everyone rushed out of class. Why?! Do they not want to stay here and learn from John Green. He was like the masiah of writing in Isabella's opinion. He had looked through everybody's work and Isabella was glad she kept the Revivers on paper in case he found it.

But of course, Isabella being her clumsy self, dropped those papers. John, chuckling, leant down and picked the papers up.

"Here you go Isabella." he smiled at her.

She was being adressed by John Green. It was amazing enough that she was being taught by him, let alone him smiling at her and knowin her name. This was a story to tell the others!

As John frowned at the papers, Isabella began to regret the eye catching cover that she has gotten Kaitlin to draw. She wanted to rip them away and make sure he didn't read The Revivers. No way was John Green getting his hands on that book. No way.

"Can I read?" he asked.

"Yup." Isabella said, passing them to him. Facepalm. Why? WHY?!

He took the random scraps of paper and napkins and took them to his desk.

"They're in order." Isabella mumbled.

He nodded already entranced by the storyline. His brow furrowed and it took him about half an hour to read what was there so far and Isabella could barely contain her emotions. Somehow she managed to keep quiet and still while he read it. She watched his face change in the different parts of the book in progress. She could guess which part he was on. He seemed to actually... enjoy it!

"Well, Isabella!" he had a tone of pleasant surprise in his voice. "You didn't... come across this way in class today. I didn't know you could write like this!"

"I didn't think it was good enough for this class." she looked at her shoes.


"The storyline, I thought it might not be good enough. And I didn't think my writing style was descriptive enough really and maybe I have to much dialogue."

"No, everybody else tends to over describe a bit at times and I'm trying to get that out of them. I thought you were one of them., but your writing style is really good, especially your balance between dialogue and description!"

She smiles shyly. The real John Green was commenting on her writing and how good it was. What the hell happened to her life?!

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