Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


12. Isabella.

Isabella got to her first writing class and took a seat. It wasn't how she had imagined it at all. She had pictured a classroom with everybody at their own desk with their laptops or notebooks (they'd been told to bring their own, depending on their preference). But in this 'classroom', there were no walls technically. There were just windows, four big windows and a big window for a ceiling. This made the room very bright and warm, though there were gaps in the windows that you could open, letting a cool breeze in. The carpet was made up of rugs with different patterns, different colours and different textures. Scattered across the space, there were lots of things to sit on; bean bags; arm chairs; sofas; spinny office chairs.

In her eagerness, Isabella was the first to her class, so she took a seat on a beanbag and opened her laptop. There was a folder, full of her novels that she all thought were good and she was proud of herself. She hoped this class would improve her skills though and she hoped she'd make friends. Thinking about her friends, her friend Erin popped up on Facebook.


Izzy was her nickname. She smiled at Erin's excitement to speak to her.

Not started yet, I'm the only one here, but the classroom's cool lul. Isabella replied. How's camp?

We're not starting properly until tomorrow but it's nice, there's a fit actor boy, just like we said! He gave me a tour and asdfghjkl he's beautiful haha x I have to go now, I only have five minutes on the internet. Have fun at class xx

Soon after Isabella replied to Erin, people piled into the classroom. Many seemed to come here every summer and already had their friends. They all gave Isabella a wary look, getting out their ipads and macbooks, making Isabella's laptop seem inadequate. The boys didn't even notice her. No chance of finding 'fit writer boys' like Erin found her fit actor boy. Sigh.

The other students were early as well and they all nattered away to eachother, leaving Isabella in silence, tapping away on her laptop. It was a novel she was already working on, The Revivers. Erin loved it but Isabella wasn't planning on using it in this class incase she talked it up and it wasn't good enough. The teacher walked in and she closed The Revivers and looked up.

Oh my god.

No way.

No way was she using The Revivers in these classes now, because it would never live up to The Fault in our Stars or Looking for Alaska.

And for that reason, she couldn't show the teacher because the teacher was the author of those books.

John Green was her teacher.

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