Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


5. Isabella.

Isabella was so nervous! But at the same time she was so exited. She was going to her first writing class in a couple of hours. She had been saving for a couple of months to go to these classes as she had decided they would deffinatly help her acheive her dream of becoming a successful writer in the future.

Isabella had wrote a few story's on a writing website and she had got alot of positive feedback which had inspired her to push herself out of her comfort zone. Her friends always told her she could be as famous as JK Rowling if she put her mind to it and it made her believe in herself. And thats why she was going to writing class.

She didn't really know what to expect in a writing class but she hoped it would be some what entertaining and not mind numbingly boring. Also she was hesitant about spending the summer away from Kaitlin, Erin and Esmeralda. She was quite a  shy person without them but she was determined she was going to make some new friends, she wanted to come out of her shell.

She twisted a strand of her dark blond curly hair around her finger as she thought about what to write in the new chapter of her story but she had serious writers block! Well if these classes do anything they should give me some ideas she thought to herself.

As the time to leave drew nearer she got butterflys in her stomache.

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