Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


37. Esmeralda.

Ramin broke into a run on his way to Esmeralda and Lorcrian's cabin. He couldn't hold the news in any longer. He'd known since this morning but he hadn't wanted to interrupt Esmeralda's lessons. It was evening now and he was going to tell her and he couldn't quite believe it was even happening.

He managed to walk in just as Esmeralda was curled up on Lorcrian's lap and they were both kissing. He cleared his throat awkwardly. 

Esmeralda's face flushed bright red and she jumped off Lorcrian, stumbling to the other side of the room. Embarrassment flooded through her. It was so typical of her to have her teacher/ultimate crush walk in to see her kissing his son. Lorcrian just laughed, kind of like ah crap, my dad has seen me kissing a girl, how awkward but he didn't seem too distraught.

"Ramin, I'm sorry-"

"Forget it!" Ramin said, kind of on his way to squealing. His eyes were bright and he was grinning. "I don't care! But Esmeralda, I have the best news!"

Esmeralda's heart started pounding. What could this news even be? She glanced at Lorcrian but he seemed as confused as her, a curious little frown on his face.

"YOU'RE EPONINE!" Ramin shouted happily.

Her face dropped with shock. "What?"

"You're Eponine! Les Mis! On Broadway! It was tough, but I saw real talent in you!"

"But I didn't audition... I'm too young..." she said, still in a daze.

"I'm casting this year." Ramin grinned. "And I cast you. You don't need to worry about a thing, everything is sorted, you've got a home out there, I'll be over there if you need help, you've got family there and you are cast!"

Ramin walked out of the room happily to leave Esmeralda and Lorcrian to it. She just stood there for a moment, letting this sink in. She wasn't Christine Daae but she really was too young for that and she could get there by starting as Eponine! She'd always wanted to play Eponine anyway! She just let the thought of her singing On My Own in front of that huge crowd in New York fill her head and she accepted it. And she was freaking happy about it.

Grinning, she turned to hug Lorcrian but she just saw him slam the door behind him as he stormed out.

She rushed after him, past the cabins, in the woods and finally in the little mini theatre. Lorcrian sat on the side of the stage, not sobbing, but tears were streaming down his face as he scowled at the floor.

"Lorcrian?" Es asked, somewhere between firmly and softly. "What's wrong?"

"That's it?" he looked up, speaking through gritted teeth. "That's just it. You're just leaving, like that?"

"What?" she frowned.

"You get some good news and then you're just going to leave me, all at once?"

Esmeralda kept her voice soft, trying not to turn this into an argument. "You'll be out there with your dad-"

"Es, I stay with my mum. In England. Here. Not out in New York-"

"What do you expect me to do?" she threw her hands up, exasperated. She couldn't help but feel like he was blaming her. "I get the one in a life time opportunity to do my dream job and you want me to turn it down?"

"No!" Lorcrian sounded just as frustrated. "That's not what I'm saying! I'm just saying, I'm... it's... we.... it just sucks okay?"

That was when Esmeralda started crying. "I know." she whispered.

Lorcrian sighed, shaking his head and walking over to Es. He folded her into a hug and they both just cried for a minute. Es had always imagined her finding out that she could be on stage would be so perfect but now she knows she has to say goodbye to Lorcrian.

"Tell me this isn't just the end of it all." he whispered.

"It might have to be." she whispered back.

"Don't." is all Lorcrian said and they just held each other for a little while longer.


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