Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


29. Esmeralda.

"Today," Ramin said, clasping his hands together. "Phantom of the Opera. Probably my favourite musical to be in. Now, you're going to be selected into random groups to do different songs. You will each recieve a character and then come up and randomly perform your selected songs."

Esmeralda was so excited; she felt as if she'd be in her element with this. She knew the songs inside and out, this was her overall dream.

"Esmeralda and Lorcrian paired together! Esmeralda as Christine, Lorcrian as the phantom, like his father." Ramin grinned. "Singing the Phantom of the Opera."

Lorcrian grinned over at Esmeralda and Esmeralda ducked her head. She didn't want to show him how pleased she was about this; she was still mad about him even considering breaking up with Ashley for her! But Lorcrian saw her smile and it made his heart jump to know she wasn't completely mad with him.

Ramin watched with a bursting sense of pride as his son offered Esmeralda his hand to help her up and as she took it with a slight blush to her cheeks. He knew how much Lorcrian really liked Esmeralda and he'd delibrately paired them together. Their voices were so perfect together and he knew how talented his son was... but Esmeralda's voice really blew him away. She got every high note so perfect. And although Ramin made a pact to not be unfair against any of his students, he couldn't help but smile slightly at the look of outrage on Ashely's face throughout the performance.

Once they had done singing, Esmeralda had never felt so happy. She had never had the chance to sing that song properly. Taking her away from cheers of the rest of her class cheering, Lorcrian took her hand and kissed it. She looked at him questioningly and was very aware of Ashley's glare.

"Just etiquette." he winks and even Esmeralda has to grin.

Did she really have to go home soon?

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