Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


24. Esmeralda.

"Come in!" a cheery voice called from inside the office.

Esmeralda didn't know where else to turn apart from Ramin. He was fatherly and kind and she just needed to speak to somebody like that right now. She stepped into the office, wiping away the tears, even though more kept spilling. She never thought Lorcrian could break her heart.

"Esmeralda!" Ramin looked shocked. "What's happened? Here sit down."

Taking a seat, Esmeralda thought about what to say. Could she really slag off Lorcrian to his own father?

"I don't think I should say." she admitted. "I might offend you."

"Ahhh." a look of realisation dawned on Ramin's face. "You met Ashley."

Esmeralda frowned. "How did you-"

"I'm not a fan." Ramin admitted. "She seems so fake and giggly. I don't really know if she's suited to Lorcrian. I always imagined him with a very real, intelligent girl... like you really, Esmeralda."

Blushing, Esmeralda looked at her lap. "Apparently not."

Ramin sighed, sadly. "I'm sorry. I don't know what is with him but I want him to be happy and even if he's not truly happy with Ashley, he has to realise that in his own time. I am always here if you want to chat about it."

"Thanks Ramin."


Esmeralda got in from another day of activities, got dressed and got into bed, turning off the light.

"Hey!" she heard Lorcrian protest. "I was reading!"

She just sighed and turned over to face the opposite way to where Lorcrian was lying on his bed. She blinked back tears hoping that he wouldn't speak again. She didn't want to speak to him, she just wanted them both to sleep so they could just avoid as much conversation as possible. Throughout the day, Esmeralda had told herself that it didn't matter about Lorcrian and Ashley. She wasn't at this place to have a summer romance. She was here to improve her musical theatre skills and open more oppertunities.

"Are you mad?" he asked.

Again Esmeralda, stayed quiet.


"I don't want to talk, alright? Just go to sleep." Esmeralda said bluntly.

"Es, come on-"

"I'm Es now then." Esmeralda snapped. "I'm Esmeralda when your little bimbo is around, but I'm Es again as soon as she's gone?"

She couldn't believe she'd said it. She knew it sounded like she was just talking about a nickname, but she - and Lorcrian - both knew it was about a lot more. Plus, that was quite out there for Esmeralda. She didn't know what had come over her! Stupid boys.

"Ashley?" Lorcrian snorted. "This is about Ashley? Really?"

"No shit sherlock." she mumbled.

"Why? What have you got against my girlfriend?" he sounded mad now, outraged even.

"The easier question would be what haven't I got against your girlfriend?"

"Es! What the hell has gotten into you?"

That made her mad. What has gotten into her? Was he serious? She turned the light on.

"Me?! What has gotten into me?! Are you kidding me?! What has gotten into you?! You're great when you're on you're own, when it's just us, or if we're with the other guys here but as soon as Ashely shows up, you just change completely. She's got you wrapped around her little finger, Lorcrian, open your eyes-"

"Oh shut up Esmeralda. It's none of your business. I have known Ashley since I was twelve years old. I have known you for a few days.Yes we're roommates, but that's it. We are just friends, not best friends, not more than that. We know each other, it's not like we have any sort of connection. We just get along because we have to."

"Fine." Esmeralda said, swallowing the lump in her throat threatening to make her cry. "I'll just leave you alone then."

"Good, I'm glad." Lorcrian mumbled, turning the light out.

However much Esmeralda told herself she didn't care, she couldn't help but cry.

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