Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


21. Esmeralda.

"Best... Muse song." Lorcrian said.

Lorcrian and Esmeralda were just relaxing in their room before dinner, finding out about each other's favourite things.

"Sunburn, obviously." Esmeralda said. "You?"

"No way. Explorers."

Esmeralda snorted. "Fine, fine. Favourite Paramore song?"

Lorcrian paused for thought. "The Only Exception."

"That one, I kind of agree with." Esmeralda winked. "Personally, Ignorance is mine."

"Okay, that's my second favourite, Es, so I let you off. Book?"

"Beautiful Creatures, hands down!"

"What?!" Lorcrian demanded, sitting up. "No! I actually thought you were cool!" he groaned and faceplanted his pillow.

Laughing, Esmeralda got up and sat on his bed beside him. "What's the matter?!"

"That series sucks."

"Shut up, your face sucks."

"My face reads good books."

"What? The Rainbow Fairy books? I read good books, you just have awful taste." Esmeralda crossed her arms defensively and got up, walking away. Nobody insults her favourite books. Nobody.

She heard Lorcrian laugh and he grabbed her wrist, pulling her back.

"If you insist that I say something good about it," he said. "the girl who played Lena in the movie was pretty hot."

Esmeralda hit his head, but laughed. Out of the blue there was a knock on the door. Leaving Lorcrian to get it, she went for a shower. She was really starting to get along with Lorcrian. They always got along, but now they were becoming really close. Esmeralda wasn't quite sure which way she wanted this to go. She had considered the fact that she like liked him, but then thought she'd rather be friends with him.

So why did she feel her heart break when she walked back into her room to see him kissing another girl.

"Uh, sorry, I'll, uh, go." she mumbled, rushing out of the room and closing the door behind her.

Feeling tears in her eyes, she slid down the wall into a sitting position. She was struggling for breath and she felt the blood drain from her face. Lorcrian was in there, kissing another girl. She was really pretty as well. Not Esmeralda's idea of pretty, but a guy's idea of 'hot'. She had long, big, blonde hair and bright blue eyes that weren't too big or too small, surrounded by thick black eyelashes. She was tall, but because of her long legs, and she wasn't too tall either. She was thin, but not stick thin and she was tanned with no spots.

And most of all, Lorcrian liked her, not Esmeralda. One of those betrayal tears left her eyes, just as the door opened to the side of her. Lorcrian looked to the left and right, not seeing Esmeralda as she wiped away her tears. Then he looked down. He didn't notice that she'd been crying, of course he didn't, he was just love struck. At first, Esmeralda hadn't wanted him to notice, but now she did. She wanted him to be sensitive enough to notice she was upset.

"Hey!" he grinned. "What are you doing down there?"

"Nothing." she mumbled. "Go back to your girlfriend."

He laughed, but there was an edge of doubt to it. "Es? Is everything al-"

"Lorrr!" a high pitched, irritating sing song voice called as the blonde girlfriend entered the corridor.  It was at that moment, with her sickly sweet voice and smile that Esmeralda did not like this girl.

"Hey Ashley." Lorcrian said and kissed the girl again. He didn't act himself around this girl, making Esmeralda hate her more.

Ashely giggled. "Who's this?"

"Esmeralda." Lorcrian said, kissing Ashely's cheek. "She's my roommate."

Not "she's my friend" or anything like that, no, "she's my roommate". Esmeralda could feel another tear threatening to spill, so she blinked it back and stood up, ready to go.

"I'll see you later." she murmured.

"Hey, Esmeralda!" Lorcrian called after her. Not Es. "Where are you going?"

"Oh Lor." Ashley giggled that awful girly giggle of hers. "She's going to blowdry her hair, stupid. You don't honestly think she was going to leave it like that, do you?"

But Esmeralda was going to leave it like that. The tear spilled so she turned and ran before they could see and left them to their snogging and giggling.



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