Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


15. Esmeralda.

"And this is our room." Lorcrian grinner opening the door for Esmeralda.

She was astonished. Lorcrian had lead her into the mini hotel building which really was a mini hotel, full of 13-17 year olds. It had grand marble floors with double oak doors on each room.

And the rooms were really amazing! Two king sized beds to each room, an ensuite bathroom, a royal blue carpet and every room had amazing views; the lake; the woods; the whole camp. Esmeralda and Lorcrian's room had views of the sparkling lake through the teetrops.

"Oh my god." Esmeralda whispered, rushing to the window. She turned to Lorcrian who was sat on his bed grinning. "You stay here every summer?!"

He nodded. "Yep. Nice to have some company this year though."

Esmeralda was still looking around, shocked. Somwhow she felt as if this were too grand for her, as if the wasn't suited there. Was she good enough? Lorcrian must've noticed her worry.

"Hey." he said softly. "You'll be fine."

She smiled and they chattered mindlessly for hours.

"Hey, do you find it creepy that you're sharing a room with a girl that has a serious crush on your dad?" Esmeralda asked curiously.

"Yes." Lorcrian said simply. "Very creepy."

They laughed and Esmeralda felt better about being at camp.

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