Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


43. Erin

Luke came back at diner time, holding two trays of food. He knocked on the cabin door and she held it open as he concentrated on not dropping the trays, he sat down on the bunk opposite hers. He smiled and handed her a tray.

"Can I eat with you?" He asked looking at her.

"Yeah of course!" She smiled. "I'd be glad of the company." She told him, she was lonely she hadn't seen anyone nearly all day and she couldn't really get much rest after Luke had left earlier and all she could think about was Ethan and Lila.

"So how are you feeling?" He asked before eating a chip. 

"Much better actually, bit of a headache but I've been worse." She told him also beginning to eat. "Hows Lila?" She asked, she knew she wasn't interested she just wanted to know if anyone had said anything about her.

"She's acting as though you were murdered before her own eyes. Milking it, it's getting pretty annoying now actually." He told her, his eyes shined in the relaxed lighting of the cabin. She couldn't help but notice how handsome he actually was, he had a chiseled jaw, bright eyes and a charming smile.

"She'll get over it." Erin said in a bored tone.

"Sensing tension..." Luke said raising an eyebrow. Erin rolled her eyes and sighed.

"It's impossible to not feel tension towards her she's a... handful..." Erin said dryly. Luke began to laugh and it wasn't long before Erin joined in. She couldn't help but feel like things could only get better from now on.

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